Michael Yarmush – 6 Things To Know About The TV Actor

In recent years, the show, Arthur, which began to air in 1996 found itself back in the mainstream conversation as one of its characters became a trending meme in internet conversation. Since then, the show, which still airs on television has gained a recent reevaluation by fans of the show, including the man, Michael Yarmush, who is considered to the best voice actor for the lead character, Arthur Read.

Michael Yarmush voiced the character for the first five seasons of the show and has since built a career primarily as a voice actor, giving life to a variety of characters across various animation projects. He has also appeared as himself in several live-action projects, such as Undressed and The Reagans.

In this article, we explore who he is, along with six things you should know about him. Read on to learn more.

Michael Yarmush’s Biography

Michael Yarmush was born in Miami, Florida on the 19th of June, 1982 to parents, Daniel Yarmush and Diane Yarmush. Not much is known about his childhood years, but he grew up with a distinctive voice that set him apart from his peers and opened up an opportunity as a voice actor for him.

He was just thirteen years old when he made his debut appearance in a project, appearing in a live-action role as Eric Johansson in the show, My Life as a Dog. He starred in twenty-two episodes of the show and has also appeared in an uncredited role in Kids of the Round Table.

Since he announced his arrival on the scene in 1995, Michael Yarmush has gone on to star in over thirty movies and TV shows, both as a voice actor and as a live-action actor.

1. He has played a lot of voice roles

As an actor, some people find their talent to be their entire physical representation in front of the camera while some people are simply great with their voice and Michael Yarmush has developed a terrific career with the latter. Since he voiced his first role as Butch the Westside Boy in 1996, for the show, The Little Lulu Show, he has gone on to play various voice roles, including his most significant role as Arthur Timothy Read in the show, Arthur.

He played the role for the first five seasons of the show, delivering a performance that has established him as the best voice actor for the character. Other than Arthur, he has lent his voice to other characters such as Timmy in Winx Club, multiple character voices in The Tofus, Mona the Vampire, as E. Brian in Pig City and a few others.

Michael Yarmush has also voiced characters in the video game, Naruto: Rise of a Ninja.

2. Michael has played additional roles in the Movie/TV production process

Michael Yarmush is primarily known as an actor, but he has also played other roles in the film or TV production process, such as being an assistant director. He was an assistant director in an episode of Deadly Secrets, and also in eight episodes of Mohawk Girls. 

3. He has been recognized for his work as Arthur

The critical acclaim that comes with his performance as Arthur Read back when he voiced the character is not just a consensus but has also earned a few plaques in his resume. Michael Yarmush has been nominated for an award for voicing the character, getting a nomination as the Best Performance in a Voice Over in a Feature or TV from the Young Artist Awards for the role.

Michael Yarmush
A young Michael Yarmush (in hat) with other voice actors of Arthur

Other recognition comes from his role in My Life as a Dog, including the Best Performance in a TV Drama Series award win by the Young Artist Award and a nomination from the YoungStar Award.

4. He is physically on the short side

In the male demographic, Michael Yarmush is categorically a short man. He has a height of 5 feet 3 inches, which is on the short side of things for the average adult male. While his height might be a major hindrance against live-action roles that often prioritize physical perfection, he has made some live-action appearances in projects lie Steel Toes, Crown Heights, Lassie, and a couple more others.

5. He is unmarried

At his age, one would have expected Michael Yarmush to be married with a couple of kids of his own but so far, the voice actor is yet to be married and hasn’t been known to be in any relationship since he began his career. At the moment, the Miami-born actor appears to be single.

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6. Michael lives in Canada

Michael Yarmush grew up in Miami, Florida but has since traded the sunny climate of the Southern state for the chilly satisfaction of Montreal, Quebec where he currently resides.

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