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Michael Teutul perhaps may never have earned a celebrity status if he was fathered by some other person different from Paul Teutul Snr., the popular custom motorcycle manufacturer and founder of Orange County Choppers. By virtue of being the son of Paul, he appeared in the reality television shows American Chopper and American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. 

Although Michael’s father and older brother, Paul Jr. were the focal points of the show American Chopper, he made a recurring appearance on it and managed to win the hearts of many people with his witty comments.

Early Life and Career

Born as Michael Joseph Teutul on 26 November 1978, in Suffern, New York, the television celebrity is the youngest of four children born to Paul Teutul Sr. (father) and Paula Teutul (mother). When Michael Teutul was about 17 years old, his parent’s marriage crashed, leading to a divorce. He has three siblings including Paul Teutul Jr., Daniel Teutul, and Cristin Teutul, his only sister.

Michael’s father, in 1999, established the Newburgh, Orange County, New York-based company Orange County Choppers (OCC) which specializes in the manufacturing of custom motorcycles. While his brother Paul Jr. works in the company as the chief fabricator, Daniel owns Orange County Ironworks LLC and is also the company’s general manager.

As a 14-year-old boy, Michael Teutul joined his brother at the Orange County Iron Works, as the assistant general manager. His job description ranged from answering phone calls and attending to guests to disposing of trash. Very rarely, he would help in the construction of choppers and at a time, he even built his own bike.

Following the growth of the family business, it eventually became the focus of the reality television series American Chopper, which still airs on Discovery Channel since it began in March 2003. Although the show produced by Pilgrim Films & Television revolves around his father and brother Paul Jr., Michael Teutul also made frequent appearances on it and was seen regularly at the company’s promotional events. As he played his role which was to provide comic relief, he was able to pull a lot of attention with his very funny comments.

Michael Teutul
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In 2008, the family nearly broke up as a result of a feud between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. which made the former fire the latter from the shop, resulting in a legal fight and a temporal cancellation of the show. It was subsequently brought back two years later on Discovery’s sister network TLC as American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior. The father and son later made up and the show reverted back to its original title. However, Paul Jr. had already established his own company named Paul Jr. Designs.

The conflict took a toll on Michael Teutul, who also fell out with his dad. He eventually left the show in 2012 and because of his love for painting, he opened Wolfgang Gallery, an art gallery which, sadly, folded up in 2014. Mikey, as he is popularly called, is said to have repaired his relationship with his family, particularly his dad who said some very unforgettable things to him.

Apart from American Chopper, Michael has also appeared in a few other TV shows such as the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Is Michael Teutul Married?

Despite being a reality television celebrity, Michael Teutul has managed to keep almost everything about his love life away from the public. He is, however, said to be in a relationship with a lady known as Karen Baker but it is not known whether they married or not.

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His Net Worth

Some online sources have it that Michael Teutul has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He made some of this money from his family’s successful business line, his Wolfgang Gallery, which provided local painters an opportunity to showcase their artworks and from the sale of some of his auctioned artworks.

Other Interesting Facts about Michael Teutul

1. Mikey’s painting career took off sometime in 2009 and his early artworks which include portraits of cast and crew member of the American Chopper sold more than he imagined. Encouraged by the sales, he opened an art gallery named Wolfgang Gallery in November 2010 on Railroad Avenue in Montgomery.

2. At the gallery, he showcases both his original works as well as paintings done by both local and national artists. Unfortunately, the economic downturn at that time made it impossible for him to keep the business running.

3. In December 2009, Michael, who was addicted to alcohol, decided to get help by checking himself into a rehabilitation centre.

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