Michael Snoddy – Bio, Age & Net Worth of Paris Jackson’s Ex

When your father is generally considered the greatest pop artist of all of music history, and you share the eccentricity that made him more than just a musician, you are bound to get a significant amount of media attention with a primary focus on your personal life. This is the story of Paris Jackson, daughter of music icon, Michael Jackson. Her dating history has featured a number of interesting personalities, which include Michael Snoddy.

If you are not familiar with the name, that is because he is a drummer for an aspiring music band, Street Drum Corps which has penetrated Los Angeles enough for him to be in a relationship with the daughter of one of the biggest musicians to ever live.

We will tell you more about Michael Snoddy below, including details of his relationship with Paris Jackson.

Who is Michael Snoddy?

Somewhere in America, in a city or town unknown, Michael Snoddy was born to his parents on the 25th of February, 1996. When it comes to his family details, along with other background information such as his education, Michael cuts the figure of a mysterious man.

However, his life in music began as a child when he fell in love with drums and got a hold of the drumming stick. As he learned the art of drumming, he began to perform on the streets, with buckets as his drums in order to earn some cash. Soon, he became a part of a percussion band, based in Los Angeles.

The band, Street Drum Corps is a heavy metal percussion band that has lifted Michael Snoddy beyond camping on the streets with empty buckets to performing in various venues around Los Angeles. The band began in the year 2004 and Michael Snoddy has continued to be a prominent member, performing at local festivals, bars, and concerts.

What is the Net Worth of Michael Snoddy?

With Michael Snoddy being an aspiring musician, there are very little means of determining his exact net worth as he continues building a career for himself.

However, his now-ex-girlfriend, Paris Jackson is the daughter of one of the richest men in the history of music and she has an estimated net worth of $100 million inherited from her father.

Relationship with Paris Jackson

Michael Snoddy
Michael Snoddy with his now-former girlfriend, Paris Jackson

We are not sure of how they met but, in the spring of 2016, their relationship became apparent to the media and public alike, and drew a lot of scepticism, particularly from those who believed Michael was in a relationship with the King’s daughter for his own material benefit.

Upon learning that both Michael and Paris were members of Alcoholics Anonymous, the uproar about their relationship subsided. During their time together, Michael Snoddy and Paris Jackson were seen attending a number of events together, including Paris’ media interviews. They also spent a lot of time at the famous Neverland Ranch.

The pictures and videos that emanated during their time together suggested they were deeply into each other and it could be a long-term relationship but that turned out to be untrue as the couple announced their breakup out of the blues. The breakup came as a shock and details and reasons for the breakup have remained a mystery. Since the breakup, not much has been known about Michael Snoddy’s personal life, while Paris has continued to maintain her place as one of the most popular heiresses in the world, along with building her career as an activist, model, and actress.

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Other Cool Facts About Michael Snoddy

  • While he was with Paris Jackson, he became the subject of a controversy when he was seen sporting a tattoo of a Confederate flag. The flag was part of an album cover for the Pantera 1990 album, Cowboys From Hell. Due to the controversy, Michael was forced to cover up the tattoo.
  • Michael Snoddy has a noticeable presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he has over 22 thousand followers. His profile name is @michaelsnoddy.
  • During their time together, their age difference was another significant factor that drew skepticism about their relationship. At the time they were together, Michael Snoddy was in his mid-20s, while Paris began dating the drummer when she was a minor.
  • Michael Snoddy also shares a certain level of eccentricity that has defined Paris Jackson’s lifestyle. They are evident in his hairstyle and his love for tattoos, which are prominently on his left arm and stomach.
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