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As far as the availability of opportunities for young people go, there are a very small group of industries that give them to young people as much as we see in the entertainment industry. Hollywood has welcomed young people as an integral part of its creative setup and given a number of actors and actresses, early start to their successful careers, like Michael Provost, who made his first appearance on screen at the age of 13.

Since he made that debut, which was in the TV show, Reed Between the Lines, he has gone on to star in a number of other shows and some movies, including one of his most popular projects, Insatiable, where he plays Brick Armstrong.

Learn more about Michael Provost, including his biography and other interesting facts about him.

Michael Provost Biography & Age

Anyone who is a fan of the actor who was born on the 24th of January, 1998, will be happy to know they share a birthday with the actor. He was born to his parents in Atlanta, Georgia where he was raised in a large but close-knit family that consists of parents who are of French, Canadian, Scottish and Irish origins.

His journey from a regular childhood to becoming a child actor was down to the interest he took in becoming an actor and the transition occurred when he was 13 years of age when he made his debut in the show, Reed Between the Lines, playing the character, Boyd in an episode of the show in 2011.  In the same year, he starred as an unnamed boy prodigy in the short film, Anonymous.

After making the two consecutive debut appearances, Michael Provost went back to continue life as a regular American teenager in high school for the next two years before he returned briefly on screen in 2013 through the short film, Columbus where he played the titular character.

It was his solitary appearance in a project in that year until 2014 when he made his full return to acting through his appearance in the film, Hear No Evil, where he played the character, Rick. In the same year, he made another full-length film appearance in The Novice, a TV movie where he played Reggie Jones.

As the year passed, Michael Provost continued to appear in more movies and TV Shows, playing different roles across several projects like Memorial Day, Being Dexter, Elbow Grease, Barely Lethal, The Case for Christ and a couple of others.

In 2017, he got his first chance to appear in the popular project by starring in #REALITYHIGH as Shannon. He followed the appearance on with two-episode appearance in Chance, as Jason Spencer.

In 2018, Michael Provost’s career got a significant boost when he was cast as Brick Armstrong in Insatiable, a Netflix young adult comedy-drama series that has become one of the best productions of the streaming service and he also appeared in the popular Showtime drama, Shameless as Ben.

Michael Provost
Michael Provost on the set of Insatiable with his fellow co-stars

Apart from his appearances in Shameless and Insatiable, Michael Provost has also starred in Saving Zoe, playing the character, Parker.

Who Are Michael Provost’s Brothers?

Provost has four brothers, and while we do not know their names, we know that among the four brothers, h lies in the middle, with two older brothers and two younger brothers. Other than that, there is no information publicly available about them.

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Michael Provost’s Height

One of the traits that Michael Provost has going for him as an actor, other than his talents is his physical looks. The Insatiable actor has a handsome and fit body profile that would fit in a CW network cast roster.

He has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a body weight of 60kg. In addition to that, his body is measured to be 36 inches for his chest size, and 28, 35 inches for his waist and hip sizes. He has hazel colored eyes and blonde hair.

Other Facts About Michael Provost

  • His middle name is James.
  • Although he hasn’t gotten his stand out role yet, enough to make him a recognizable leading man in a mainstream movie, Michael Provost has earned enough since he began his career to have a net worth of $400,000.
  • Michael Provost, like a majority of his peers, is an avid social media user and has a presence on Instagram with over 900 thousand followers. His handle his @michaelprovost.
  • When he is not acting, Michael Provost’s hobbies include rock climbing and biking. He also enjoys traveling.
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