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Michael Cohen has been involved in politics since 1988 when as a student he volunteered for the Michael Stanley Dukakis presidential campaign, but his popularity seemed to have grown further recently following his involvement with America’s 45th president Donald J. Trump.

Cohen, who is a former American attorney, served as Trump’s lawyer and close confidant from 2006 until May 2018 when he was found guilty to eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations. Obviously, Trump’s “fixer” as he is popularly called by the media, has looked after Trump’s interests for years, even before his time at the White House. He was the Trump Organization vice-president and personal counsel to Trump himself. He also served as co-president of Trump Entertainment and a board member of the Eric Trump Foundation. He even served as the deputy finance chairman for the Republican National Committee. However, his recent run-ins with the law have flushed away all the reputation he had built over the years.

Michael Cohen Biography

The Jewish American was born Michael Dean Cohen on August 25, 1966, to his father, Maurice Cohen, a surgeon and Holocaust survival before emigrating to the United States, and his mother, Sandra, who was a practising nurse. Cohen is a New York native who grew up in the town of Lawrence on Long Island and attended Lawrence Woodmere Academy before enrolling at American University where he emerged in 1988 with his BA. In 1991, he bagged a Juris Doctor degree (JD) from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School and thereafter began his law career.

Michael Cohen developed an interest in politics since his University years and in 1988, he practically volunteered to work on the presidential campaign of Massachusetts’s 65th Governor Michael Dukakis. At the same time, he served as an intern for Congressman Joe Moakley.

Cohen began his legal career as a personal injury lawyer in 1992, a year after obtaining his JD. In 2003, his interest in real estate made him work with different law firms, the same year he ran for the New York City Council as a Republican but was unsuccessful. He even campaigned briefly for a seat in the New York State Senate in 2010. But as a Trump admirer, he decided to join the Trump Organization in 2006 and from then onwards, he began to work for the real estate billionaire.

Michael Cohen was in 2008 named COO of Affliction Entertainment, a mixed martial arts promotion company which trump was a major shareholder. He has made several controversial remarks in the defence of Donald Trump. One of his statements that spoke more about his loyalty to Trump was in an interview with ABC News in 2011 when he said he would do everything in his power to resolve a problem to Mr. Trump’s benefit.

In 2018, Cohen resigned as the Republican National Committee’s deputy finance chairman. His letter of resignation cited the ongoing FBI investigations against him, among other issues. The FBI raided his house, office and hotel room in April 2018, leading to the seizure of his business records, tax records and emails. After surrendering to the Bureau on August 21, 2018, he pleaded guilty to eight offences, including tax evasion and lying to Congress. He was in December 2018 sentenced to three years in Prison. Cohen blamed Trump for leading him in the wrong path and for using him to cover his ‘dirty deeds’.

Details of His Family Life (Wife, Daughter & Father in Law)

Michael Cohen family, wife and kids
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Michael Cohen is married to Ukrainian-born American Laura Shusterman. The two signed their marriage papers in 1994 and they’ve been living together since then with their two beautiful children; a son named Jake Cohen and a daughter named Samantha Cohen. While Samantha is a student of the University of Pennsylvania, her brother Jake studies at the University of Miami and would be graduating in 2022.

The 6 feet 1 inch tall Cohen is also very close to his parents-in-law, Ania and Fima Shusterman, who own property in the Trump Towers in New York. His father-in-law reportedly loaned a Chicago taxicab company owner, Yasya Shtayner, at least $20 million.

Shtayner, who was mentioned in the FBI warrants used to raid Michael Cohen’s home, hotel, and office reportedly received about eight loans from Fima Shusterman in less than a year. He and Cohen’s father-in-law Shusterman are both immigrants from Ukraine and they both owned condos in one of Trump’s development in Miami but Shtayner reportedly used his own condo unit as loan collateral from Shusterman. Shusterman has also been charged in 1993 for conspiring to defraud the IRS in connection with his own New York taxi business.

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What is His Net Worth?

The American lawyer is believed to have garnered a lot for himself mostly during his service as Trump’s personal lawyer and the lawyer of The Trump Organization. Michael Cohen has a net worth of -$1 million, according to Celebrity net worth. Before his ordeal with the FBI which led to his three years prison sentence, he reportedly had an estimated net worth of $20 million.

When he worked as Trump’s Lawyer, he had an annual salary of $1 million. He also earned quite a lot from his investment in New York City taxis medallions and from his real estate business. Cohen had at a time claimed to have a net worth of about $40 million but in April 2018, the Washington Post reported that he might have used his taxi companies as collateral for loan and that the value of his taxi medallions has dramatically declined from over $1 million to less than $200,000 each, in recent years.

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