Mia Sand’s Coveted Fitness Routine and All About The Model’s Bio, Body & Love Life

One look at Mia Sand and the thing that is bound to strike you is her sturdy, muscular body features and unique curves in the right places. Mia happens to be a Danish fitness model and has become a sensation on social media because of what she has built her body to look like. A voluptuous lady, Mia has been hailed as a woman with ‘the perfect body’ by her many fans who throng her social media to view what she posts daily. She has inspired many with her hard-working ethics and complete determination to make things work for her.

Popularly known by her fans as Miss Mia Fit, the fitness model has made a name for herself in the fitness industry and has received lots of sponsorships from different brands who are tapping into her bankability to do business. She has become one of the most popular Danish fitness models on the internet and has often spoken to people about the need to build their confidence and do what they have always wanted to do.

Lesser-known Facts About Mia Sand’s Early Life

Mia Sand was born on the 11th day of October in the year 1987. The model was born in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark where she was also raised by her parents. Right from when she was still a very young girl growing up in Denmark, Mia had already become voluptuous and was quite different from all the other girls. Because of her huge size, she found it a little difficult to love herself and struggled with self-esteem as a teenager.

Not much is known about who Mia Sand’s parents are; their identities and what they do for a living are quite unknown at the moment. Also, it is not known if she has any siblings with whom she grew up in Denmark. This is quite hard to decipher because Mia rarely talks about her birth family. A quick look through her Instagram page shows that she posts mainly photos of herself, her sons, and her husband.

It is believed that Mia Sand has had some form of formal education but very little is know about where she went to school. She writes well and often shares lots of motivational and fitness advice to uplift her followers.

How She Discovered Her Groove After Battling Low Self-esteem

The interesting thing about Mia Sand is that she did not start her fitness modeling very early as is the case with most models; she started when she was about 26 years old and was already a mother. At the time, she was feeling very inferior and had low self-esteem because she had gained a lot of weight after giving birth. So, she decided to hit the gym in a bid to reduce her size.

When she started gyming and getting desired results, Mia naturally began to feel a lot better about her body, and her self-esteem level improved. She started seeing visible changes in her body as she began to develop sexy curves and a very flat stomach. This encouraged her to take fitness training and modeling as a full-time career.

Things changed for Mia Sand when she decided to join social media. She opened her Instagram account in 2015 and posted her very first photos in February of the same year. At first, people did not take much notice of her but as she kept uploading more pictures and videos of herself working out and striking sexy poses, it became almost impossible to ignore the sensation she exudes. Thus, more and more people started following her and she gradually became famous on the platform. Today, she has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Mia’s hard work has paid off because as her fame spread on the internet, she began to get offers from different fashion brands who were fascinated by her shape and were interested in using her image to promote their products. She has now modeled for different brands, including FashionNova and Aldo Shoes. She has also been featured in various fitness channels on YouTube, including Big Booty TV, Fitness Superstar, and Its Booty Thing.

Mia Sand
Mia Sand

Over the years, she has become a fitness icon who is respected by many young women trying to forge a career as fitness models. Mia is now known for encouraging people who are not comfortable with their bodies to go out and work to get their dream bodies. This has endeared her to so many people over the years.

The Fitness Regimen and Diet That Got Mia Sand Her Dream Body


Mia’s work out routine borders around lifting weights and power building. This means that she focuses on building her muscles which is evident in her robust body. However, this doesn’t take away the feminine touch in her curves and beauty.

In all, Mia Sand does free squats, as well as squatting while carrying weights to work on her thighs, glutes, and legs. She also does bench presses and dips for her back and the chest area. Skull crushers, pushdowns, and bicep curls are used for her arms and biceps. Most importantly, she keeps the fat in her body under control with high-intensity cardio.

Dieting is important to any fitness enthusiast and Mia is not different. Her meals are high in carb and low in fats. Protein shakes and smoothies also form a huge part of her diet.


Height and Drool-worthy Body Measurements of The Fitness Model

Mia Sand is a very curvy woman and she is loved because of this by her many fans who follow her massively on social media. Many people believe she is one of the curviest fitness models on the internet and we agree.

The fitness model is quite a tall woman; she stands at 5 feet 7 inches and commensurately weighs between 163 and 165 lbs. Her bust size is 38 inches (97 cm) with her hips at 41 inches (105 cm), while her waist size is a tiny 26 inches (67 cm). Mia once confessed that she has breast implants and that she uses lip fillers. Her green eyes, however, are natural.

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Mia Sand Met Her Husband Online

Mia Sand is a happily married woman. She is married to a man identified as Rune Jakobsen. The couple first met on a Danish dating site and have remained together ever since.

Rune is also a fitness enthusiast and trainer who is followed by many people on social media, Mia is very fond of Rune and often shares his photos on her Instagram page, showering him with loving words.

The couple now has a son together whom they named Norr. It is noteworthy that before Mia met Rune and married him, she had had a son called Sean. However, there is no information about Sean’s father.

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