Merri Kelly Hannity, Sean Hannity’s Daughter: Facts You Need To Know

FOX’s cable news show host Sean Hannity and his journalist wife Jill Rhodes have two kids. They are Patrick (born in 1999) and Merri Kelly Hannity (born in 2001). This piece will focus on the second of the Hannity kids.

Although Merri has a claim to fame as a daughter of media personalities, she has gone ahead to carve a niche for herself in a different walk of life than journalism: she plays high school lawn tennis and is particularly good at it. Let’s learn more about her below.

Background Details of Sean Hannity’s Daughter 

Merri Kelly Hannity was born in June 2001 but the exact date of her birth is unknown to us yet. As already mentioned, her father is the media guru Sean Hannity who is well-known as the host for the syndicated radio talk show, The Sean Hannity Show, as well the FOX News program Hannity. Merri’s mother is Jill Rhodes who was a political columnist for the Huntsville Times for years but has now become a homemaker.

Merri is currently an eleventh-grader at Cold Spring Harbor Senior High School (CSH) in New York, USA. She has been representing CSH in tennis right from her junior high days but began to grace the national news pages in 2016 while she was in 9th grade. She defeated her friend and senior Courtney Kowalsky who represented Oyster Bay High School to win the Nassau County Tennis Singles Championships. Here are other facts you need to know about Merri Kelly Hannity.

Merri Kelly Hannity and her friend Kowalsky
Merri Kelly Hannity and her friend Courtney Kowalsky: Image source

Why and How She Chose a Career In Sports

Not only is Merri Kelly Hannity a tennis player, but her brother Patrick is also training strenuously in the sport. How come both of them have chosen a career in sports instead of the media where both of their parents achieved their fame and fortune? This is the reason that most people may never know: their parents, having experienced a lot of the pitfalls of being media personalities, encouraged them to choose sports where one can have opponents devoid of acrimony.

Particularly, her father Sean has been a part of many media controversies as a result of the hard-line conservative political line he toes in the media. He has equally been accused of spewing baseless conspiracy theories. While the idea of a Trump presidency was still remote in the minds of many Americans, Sean became one of the earliest proponents of the idea. His wife Jill Rhodes has over the years been seen as Sean’s ally in all these cases and Sean has made it clear that he will always express his convictions even if the whole world goes against them. However, both parents have endeavored to see that both of their kids are spared such kind of controversy by encouraging them from their earliest days to embrace a career in sports.

Merri Kelly Hannity’s Religious Background

Some sections of the media have attributed the obvious mental resilience that Merri Kelly Hannity began to manifest very early in life to the early nurture of faith and discipline in her. That may not be far from the truth judging by the fact that she has been raised in a staunch Catholic family with strict rules of engagement.

Not only was her dad trained under the watchful eyes of priests and nuns at the now-defunct St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary in Uniondale, New York, but he has drilled strict religious discipline into his family. He is a conservative, not only in the political sense but most times, also in a moral and religious sense too. The point is that this has rubbed off on the Hannity family which also means on Merri. One recalls her comment after her epic victory at the Nassau County Tennis Singles Championships in 2016 where she quickly attributed the victory to God.

What Is Her Net Worth?

It is almost unbelievable that Merri Kelly Hannity is already a millionaire and yet still in high school. As of 2018, sources estimated her net worth at over $1 million. This much has obviously accrued to her through her success in tennis, including winnings, bonuses, and endorsements. There is no doubt that she also enjoys her father’s net worth which has been estimated at over $80 million.

Social Media Presence

Another thing that might surprise you about Merri Kelly Hannity is that, in spite of her burgeoning fan base as a budding tennis player, she has no social media presence. We have tried to trace her valid accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube or any of the well-known social media platforms all to no avail. This is probably in line with her parent’s wish to keep away from the media spotlight.

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