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Talk about a smooth combination of stunning beauty and breathtaking intelligence, and one name that is sure to come to mind is Mercedes Colwin, an American attorney who is renowned for her confidence and outspokenness. She has often caused some stir with her sharp words and is fearless in speaking out about what she thinks is true in her opinion. Over the years, she has successfully handled lots of important legal cases, winning admiration for her impressive work.

Mercedes Colwin is also a media personality and is known for her outspokenness on Fox News Network and other shows. She has been described as one of the most influential women in America and has won over many fans who are admirers of her work.

Early Life

The exact age of Mercedes Colwin has remained vague over the years. This is because she has never disclosed the year in which she was born. However, we know that she celebrates her birthday every 26th day of the month of October. She was born in Los Angeles and grew up there with her family.

The identities of Mercedes Colwin’s parents have also not been revealed. However, reports have shown that her father was a Jewish man and her mother is Hispanic. Mercedes and her siblings were raised by their mother because their father sadly passed away when she was still young. She has six siblings with whom she grew up in Los Angeles. One of the brothers identified as Arthur is reported to have died in 2009 leaving a sour taste in her mouth.

Details about where Mercedes Colwin had her elementary or high school education have not been disclosed but we know that she attended the New York University from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English language. She then proceeded to acquire a Juris Doctor degree from the Brooklyn Law School.

It is noteworthy that Mercedes speaks both the English and Spanish languages very fluently.

Career Achievements

Mercedes Colwin has had a very successful career as an American lawyer and is one of the highly sought after defence attorneys in the USA today. She kick-started her career in 1996 after graduating from the Brooklyn Law School when she got appointed as an Administrative Law Judge of the New York State Division of Human Rights by George Pataki, the then governor of New York. This was a big responsibility but she carried it out gracefully for 9 long years.

While serving as the Administrative Law Judge, Mercedes is reported to have presided over more than three thousand cases under the categories of federal and state discrimination laws. During this time, she also served as a partner at a New York City regional law firm called Gordon & Rees S.M. In fact, in 2005, Colwin rose to become a managing partner at the Gordon & Rees law firm.

Mercedes has successfully tried nearly 50 cases to conclusive verdict in different jurisdictions throughout America. She has also been hired variously and regularly to defend corporate executives from Fortune 500 companies who have been accused of wrongdoing. These wrongdoing accusations which she handled even included claims of sexual misconduct.

Apart from her work as an attorney, she also works as a legal analyst and has made lots of guest appearances on different top TV programs and shows including Fox News Big Story and The Sean Hannity Show. She is known to be very vocal when appearing on these shows and likes to bare her mind on topical national debates. This has made her quite popular around the US.

Mercedes Colwin is also a notable philanthropist who has supported lots of charitable causes. She is especially known for supporting people with Alzheimer’s disease and has helped in raising lots of funds for them over the years. This has won her a lot of admiration around the world.

Because of her incredible work and huge achievements as an attorney, Mercedes has received a number of honours and awards. She has been awarded the Notre Dame Law School’s ‘Graciela Olivarez Award’. She has also been given the ‘New York Rising Young Star Under 40’ Award which was handed to her by Long Island Business News. She has also been named on the list of ‘6 Most Influential Women in America’ by Forbes Business American Airlines. Apparently, she is considered one of the high achievers in law practice in the USA.

As her career found immense success over the years, Mercedes became a member of different legal institutions including DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar, The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel, The New York State Bar Association, The Defense Research Institute, as well as The Council on Litigation Management.

Mercedes Colwin
Mercedes Colwin and her husband

If Married, Who Is Her Husband?

Mercedes Colwin is a happily married woman. She is married to a man called Hans. It is apparent that she is very much in love with him because she loves to post the man’s photos on social media and often gushes over him. However, nothing much is known about what Hans does for a living or where he comes from. This is mainly because Mercedes has remained tight-lipped on these parts of his life.

The marriage between Mercedes and Hans had produced a daughter. The identity of this daughter is not known at the moment. However, Mercedes has often professed her love for the girl, insisting that she is one of the best things that has happened to her.

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How Much is She Worth?

There is no denying the fact that Mercedes Colwin has been able to rake in quite a considerable amount of wealth for herself over the years. This is because, she has had an extensive and very successful career as a layer and has represented very important people and companies over the years, winning lots of cases and becoming an important figure in America. However, at the moment, her exact net worth has not been revealed even though it is widely believed that she worth several millions of dollars.

How Tall is She Really?

Mercedes Colwin is a tall woman. We know this because she usually towers over the people she stands with whenever she is seen making public appearances. However, details about her exact height have remained in the dark.

She is a gorgeous woman and is loved by many people who think she is a perfect combination of beauty and brains. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

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