The Truth About Melia Mcenery Eric Clapton’s Wife and Their Age Difference

If you get married to one of the most prolific guitarists in the history of the world and a legend of rock music, you can rest assured that you will attract media attention. That is the story of Melia McEnery who is the wife of Eric Clapton – a singer, songwriter, and most importantly, a rock guitarist who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times; a feat only him has achieved.

Melia McEnery, who on her own is a socialite and philanthropist, became part of the whirlwind world of the celebrity lifestyle in 1999 after she met the legendary guitarist at a party. Ever since Melia has become the focus of the media attention that comes from becoming the wife of a beloved musician.

Learn more about Melia and the incredible age dynamic between her and her husband, Eric Clapton.

Who is Melia McEnery?

To say there is much to learn about Melia McEnery before she met Eric Clapton would suggest she was a significant figure in the media prior to meeting the music legend. Melia McEnery was born on the 1st of February 1976 to parents whose names are unknown but were known to be a construction worker and a homemaker. Melia is the only child of an interracial marriage between a Scottish-English man and a Korean-Irish woman.

Despite her strong British roots, Melia was born in the United States, specifically in Ohio where she as raised and had her primary education. She attended Bishop Watterson High School.

Although her husband is the only notable artist in the family, Melia had a promising art career for a time in her life. Right from high school, she was encouraged by her teachers to pursue a career in arts by entering her in several art competitions, many of which she won. This solidifies her belief in building a life with her artistry. Unfortunately, she did not have the full support of her parents, with her father objecting to the choice.

At the completion of high school, Melia McEnery proceeded to college where she damned the discouragement of her father and earned a degree in art. After college, she then left Ohio and moved to California in a bid to kickstart her career.


Her relocation to California did not turn out to be the fairytale she imagined. She worked intermittently in the design industry, taking on odd jobs within the first two years of relocating to the state. After two years of random jobs, she landed a more stable position with the fashion company, Armani as an assistant in the company’s design department.

During her time in the role, Melia’s work role included couriering designs and general administration jobs. She also worked in the planning and hosting of events, a role that eventually led her to her husband, Eric Clapton.

Having met Eric, her career has changed. Being the wife of a prominent and rich musician, Melia now dedicates her time and professional endeavors to philanthropic efforts. She currently sits as a member of the board of a few charities, including one owned by her husband, Crossroads Centre. The charity is a medical facility dedicated to helping drug addicts recover and it is located in the Antigua Island.

Her Relationship with Eric Clapton

Melia McEnery
Melia and her husband, Eric Clapton

The age difference between Eric Clapton and his wife is 31 years. A fact that should have made the existence of a relationship, let alone a marriage improbable between them; yet it did not stop them from kickstarting a relationship when they met in a party thrown by Armani for Eric Clapton in 1999.

Their relationship has been total defiance of social and professional rules, starting with their meeting which occurred as a result of Melia flouting an order not to interact with guests during the party to ask for Eric Clapton’s autograph. The first interaction between the two sparked interest in Eric who immediately asked her out for a dinner date.

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Their rule defiance ended with Melia breaking off a long-term relationship with her boyfriend at the time, Chris Losinske to date Clapton. Both of them have been together ever since, giving birth to their first in June 2001 before they got married six months after in a ceremony in January 2002.

After their marriage, they have given birth to an additional two daughters, Ella May in January 2003, and Sophie Belle in February 2005.

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