Mel Gibson’s Net Worth and The Movies That Made Him Most Money

Widely considered as one of the most talented and highly industrious men in Hollywood, Mel Gibson has established himself as a true movie icon who has won so many fans around the world with his sterling displays in the numerous movies he has starred in. The actor has risen to become a favorite of movie fans, raking in a lot of money for his efforts and growing through the ranks to the top of the game. Apparently, Mel Gibson’s net worth is quite impressive and this is no surprise at all as he has acted in so many blockbuster movies that have shattered records in Hollywood.

Everyone knows Mel Gibson is a wealthy man who has raked in so much money from his movies. But, what are the movies that have fetched him the most money during his career so far? Also, what exactly is he worth at this moment? Does he stand out among his acting colleagues in terms of wealth? Let’s take a look at the life of the thespian and find the answers.

Mel Gibson’s Rise To Prominence

Mel Gibson, whose full name is actually Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson, was given born in Peekskill, a city New York. He was born on January 3, 1956, to a father who is an American writer called Hutton Gibson, and an Irish mother identified as Anne Patricia. Though he is an American citizen, he also has Irish roots. In fact, he currently holds dual Irish and American citizenship because of his mother. He also has Australian roots.

In 1968, when he was just 12 years old, Mel Gibson’s family relocated to West Pymble, Sydney, Australia for economic reasons. While in Australia, he was educated by members of the Congregation of Christian Brothers at St Leo’s Catholic College. He then proceeded to attend the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney where he honed his acting skills.

Gibson kickstarted his acting career on stage while still in Australia. During this time, he often wowed audiences and got the feeling that acting was his calling. He then transitioned into the Australian movie scene; in 1976, he appeared in The Sullivans, an Australian drama series playing Ray Henderson. He then got his first feature film role in Summer City, an Australian thriller movie.

He Starred in a number of Popular Movies

Mel Gibson’s breakout movie came two years later when he landed the lead role of Max Rockatansky in the hit movie Mad Max and its sequels Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981), Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985). Mel gained critical acclaim following his outstanding performance as the title character in the Mad Max series, an Australian dystopian action media franchise. The movie series got him major attention around the country and beyond. Soon after this, he transitioned to Hollywood where he was further launched into global stardom. His role in the 1987 movie Lethal Weapon and its subsequent sequels gave him a solid footing in Hollywood. He also won wide acclaim for his work in the 1995 movie Braveheart which he also directed.

His other notable and lucrative movie projects in the 70s and 80s include Tim (1979), Gallipoli (1981), Attack Force Z (1982), The Year of Living Dangerously (1982), The Bounty (1984), Conspiracy Theory (1997), Payback (1999), as well as the year 2000 movies Chicken Run, The Patriot and What Women Want which were all commercial hits. His other features in the 2000s are Signs (2002), Edge of Darkness (2010), Machete Kills (2013), The Expendables 3 (2014), and Dragged Across Concrete (2017).

Throughout the 1990s, Gibson landed many roles as an actor and by the 2000s, he was one of the most famous names in Hollywood. Today, despite many controversies, he is still revered as a multi-talented man who has found immense success not just as an actor, but also as a producer and director.

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Mel Gibson's net worth
Mel Gibson in the 1995 movie, Braveheart.

His Directorial Roles Have Earned Him More Money and Fame

Gibson’s works behind the camera are even more lucrative than his onscreen gigs. The actor starred and made his directorial debut in 1993 with the film The Man Without a Face. Both as a director and producer, Gibson has successfully pulled through a number of hit TV and film projects, including Braveheart (1995), his directorial hit for which he earned one of his Academy Awards. His other critically acclaimed works behind the scenes are Get The Gringo (2012), the controversial biblical film The Passion of the Christ (2004), the 2006 movie Apocalypto, as well as Hacksaw Ridge (2014).

Mel Gibson’s Net Worth

Like we have mentioned earlier, Mel Gibson’s net worth is pretty impressive and this is not surprising at all considering the kind of work he has put into his job as a Hollywood star. The actor has starred in more than 60 movies and TV series since he began his career, raking in a lot of money in the process. So what exactly is Mel Gibson’s net worth?

At the moment, Mel Gibson’s net worth has been pegged at about $425 million by different sources. For an entertainer with impressive credits and hits both onscreen and behind the scenes, there begs no question as to where the bulk of Mel Gibson’s net worth comes from. In addition to his mouth-watering salary as an A-list actor, most of Gibson’s investments in the industry as a filmmaker have paid off, successfully yielding blockbusters that grossed millions of dollars. The actor also reportedly cashes in big from his real estate investments.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that Mel Gibson has accumulated a massive fortune. Apparently, he has made a large chunk of this money from his acting alone, however, he has also raked in a substantial amount as a director and a producer.

The Movies That Made Him Most Money?

Since he started his acting career, Mel Gibson has appeared in many blockbuster movies that have grossed so much money and have fetched him a lot of money in salary as well. In fact, it is reported that Gibson’s work across feature movies and TV series have grossed a total of more than US$2.5 billion in America alone. So, what are the movies that have fetched him the most money?

Mel Gibson got his biggest paycheck as an actor when he starred in the 1998 movie, Lethal Weapon 4. According to reports, he earned a whopping $30 million from that project alone. However, the movie that gave Mel Gibson the biggest overall paycheck is the 2004 film, The Passion Of The Christ, and he did not even star in it; Gibson co-wrote, directed and even produced the movie. He also funded the film.

According to sources, Gibson had unsuccessfully tried to get a studio to finance the project for years and when he did not succeed, he decided to finance it himself, investing about $45 million to produce and market the movie. The movie eventually grossed more than $600 million and Gibson took home about $300 million. He also raked in another $75 to $100 million from merchandise and DVD sales.

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An actor and filmmaker who boasts of over 40 acting credits and no less than four hits as a director, Mel Gibson’s net worth reflects the success he enjoys in his career. The actor’s contributions to Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole cannot be overstated.

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