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The popular red carpet journalist Mckinzie Roth enjoys what may pass as one of the most beautiful marriages in America. On Valentine’s Day of 2004, she married her childhood sweetheart and playmate, Patrick Michael Roth. Today, after fifteen years, they are still head over heels in love with each other. Relative to most celebrity marriages, this is a commendable feat, to say the least.

In this post, we are focusing not only on Mckinzie Roth’s inspiring marriage but also on her entire life, career and more. Besides just talking about her biography, net worth, and married life, we shall specifically be trying to know full details of who her husband of fifteen years is.

Who Is McKinzie Roth?

She was born and named Mckinzie Roth in Carmel, Indiana, United States of America. The day was Friday, January 8, 1982. So, her sun sign is Capricorn. As for her nationality, she is American and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

We do not have further details about Mckinzie’s family (such as the names of her parents and siblings). She has, nevertheless, posted photos of her family members anonymously on her social media pages (Instagram, precisely) a couple of times.

Concerning her educational background, we do not have information on where McKinzie Roth had her elementary school. However, it is widely reported that she attended Carmel High School (CHS) in Carmel Indiana. Afterwards, she went and studied Broadcast Journalism at Indiana University, Bloomington, graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

What About Her Earning and Net Worth?

McKinzie Roth currently works as an anchor for KGW-TV in Portland Oregon. The salary of a KGW-TV news anchor ranges from $46,000 to $168,000 and averages at $83,360 as per KGW-TV payscale. So, this gives us an idea of McKenzie’s current earning.

Before working at KGW-TV, McKinzie has however anchored many high profile red carpet events such as music award ceremonies and Super Bowl. Not only is it certain that she was handsomely paid in those occasions, but it also assures us that her current earning at KGW-TV would be around the upper limits of the range given above considering her profile in the industry. So, it is almost certain she earns a six-figure income at her current job.

With all these sources of income from her current, past jobs and contracts, how much will McKinzie Roth be worth? A current report has it that the TV anchor and radio personality has a net worth of about $1 million.

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Is Mckenzie Roth Married, Who Is Her Husband?

One very inspiring fact about Mckinzie Roth’s relationship with her husband Patrick Roth is that the couple met for the first time down the street when she was just eleven years old. The story goes that they used to live in the same neighbourhood when they began to show childhood interest in each other. They continued that way for the next eleven years and finally married each other.

The wedding between McKinzie and her husband took place on February 14, 2004. Their first and yet only baby arrived six years later on February 17, 2010. She is a beautiful girl named Lucy Roth. Lucy is now on her speedy growth into teenage.

Mckenzie Roth, Patrick Michael Roth and Lucy Roth
Patrick Michael Roth and Lucy Roth (image source)

It is worthy of note that after fifteen years of the marriage between McKinzie and her husband, they are not only together but also still very much in love. They presently live in Portland, Oregon with their daughter. There is never any rumour that they are quarrelling or that any of them is/was having an affair elsewhere. Instead, it is always a joyous story of love, love and more love in the family of three.

For instance, on Father’s Day back in June 2018, Mckinzie Roth posted photos of her husband and daughter which she captioned “Happy Father’s Day to all awesome Dads!!! Big P, Lucy hit the jackpot. Thank you for being such an amazing Daddy & all the wonderful things you do.”

So, to the question as to whether McKinzie Roth is married, the answer is ‘yes’. Her husband Patrick is an attorney based in Portland Oregon. He is a quiet man who shuns media attention. As a result, he does not even have a social media presence.

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