Understanding Maurielle Lue’s Career Journey, Relationship History and Family Facts

Best recognized as a news anchor and a Talk show host, Maurielle Lue loves to live in the moment and is always on her ‘A-game.’ An ambitious journalist, Lue, has metamorphosed from a little daddy’s girl who used to watch the news every night with her family into a famous TV face. While there may be information readily available about Lue’s professional endeavors, not much is known about her personal life. However, here are interesting facts to know about the award-winning journalist.

Who is Maurielle Lue?

Maurielle Lue, an Emmy Award-winning TV anchor, was born on March 25, 1985. Though she was born in San Antonio, the journalist grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Maurielle grew up watching the news every other night with her family and admired the broadcasters she saw on TV back in the days.

She was sure of her career path even from her elementary school days. With her family’s support, Maurielle began honing her oratorical skills at a young age in church, school, and every other possible platform available to her at the time.

Lue’s career took off before she finished high school; her earliest journalism gig dates back to her teens when she began covering local issues and events among Atlanta youths. She won her first major – international journalism – award at the age of 16 with a documentary about internally displaced kids.

Maurielle Lue is an alumna of Hampton University, where she graduated as a scholarly student from Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communication.

A Walk Through Her Professional History

Fresh from college, Maurielle landed a job as a reporter, producer, and anchor for the NBC-affiliate station WVVA in West Virginia. After a few years, she moved on to WEWS-TV, Cleveland, an ABC-affiliate station in 2008.

During her time in Cleveland, Maurielle Lue covered several major stories. She reported on the front lines of Imperial Avenue for several days – the infamous home of the Cleveland Strangler. She also reported for ESPN when the good people of Cleveland infamously turned their back on Lebron James for leaving the Cavalier for the Miami Heat in 2010.

While at the station, Maurielle held various positions and served in different capacities, including roles as a morning anchor, breaking news reporter, lead reporter, general assignment reporter, as well as a traffic reporter.

Maurielle Lue
Maurielle Lue is now a host on Fox 2 Detroit: image source

After three years with WEWS-TV, Lue joined the FOX 2 News Team in 2011. She currently serves in the Detroit-based network as a reporter and host. Fans would recognize Maurielle as a morning anchor and host on shows such as Let it Rip Weekend and The Nine.

The Journalist has gained wide popularity while working with the network. It was her masterpiece project titled Mamma Said He Deserved to Die that earned Maurielle an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) in 2011.

Demystifying Maurielle Lue’s Relationship Status

Maurielle Lue is one of those public figures who love to keep details of their love life under the radar. Since she came into the limelight, the award-winning journalist has not been romantically linked to anyone and nothing is known about her dating history. Given the uncertainty shrouding her relationship status, it is safe to say Lue is not married, at least not yet, and is possibly single.

We may not be sure about the News Anchor’s relationship history or even her current status, but we have an idea where her heart lies. Rumor had it she was expecting a child of her own, but there has been no announcement nor indication accrediting the rumor.

However, pregnant or not, Maurielle Lue is already a ‘proud mother’. The journalist has a beautiful fur baby, a French bulldog named Hampton. The pet mummy never lets the world forget how much she loves him.

In addition to being all over her social media pages, Hampton has an Instagram account of his own. On the page, Hampton keeps hundreds of his followers entertained with adorable pictures of himself and priceless moments with Maurielle.

She Has A Reclusive But Close Family

Maurielle Lue
image source

Maurielle Lue’s parents are Marcel and Heidi Lue. As earlier mentioned, her family played a huge role in nurturing her talents. Besides the early discovery of her flair for journalism, her parents also lent their insight when it came time for Maurielle to choose a career path. In addition to this, they did not spare any resources within their capacity to make sure their baby girl’s dream becomes a reality.

The journalist’s biological family unit consists of more than just herself and her parents. The specific number of siblings she has remains a question, but we at least know she is not an only child. Maurielle has a younger brother with whom she shares her last name, Myles Lue.

She presumably shares a close bond with her parents, specifically her mother. The older Lue woman gifted her daughter a priced diamond ring as a graduation present. Maurielle always wears the ring, which she considers one of her all-time favorite jewelry.

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A Few Extra Facts You Should Know About Maurielle Lue

The Emmy Award-winning television host has gained a broad audience in her career such that some consider her a part of pop culture. In fact, her fans identify themselves as ‘The Lue Crew.’

It is uncommon knowledge that Maurielle is a sports enthusiast. While she may not be active in the field, the journalist loves all things sports-related.

Lue is also known for her excellent fashion taste. One of her style icons is Michelle Obama. In business, Lue looks up to the legendary media executive and host, Oprah Winfrey.

Besides her journalism career, Maurielle Lue has other TV credits. In 2011, she participated and won the popular Dancing With the Stars Cleveland dance competition.

Lue has an active social life. She is a proud member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority & National Association of Black Journalists.

Maurielle Lue is very self-disciplined. Among other daily targets and goals, she hardly defaults in her sleep time, work, and wakeup routines.

Lue does not just educate and entertain fans on mainstream media only. She is also on social media. While she may not be present on all social networking platforms, fans can connect with the journalist on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

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