Crucial Details Of Who Maureen Maher Is, How Much Wealth She Has Amassed and Her Family Life

In journalism, there are on-field reporters, investigative journalists, and onscreen reporters. The job of the latter is to deliver the information gathered by on-field reporters and investigative journalists in a succinct and interesting fashion to the people. This is the part Maureen Maher plays as a journalist for the CBS network and she has done a good job thus far.

Maher has been in the broadcasting industry since 1991, working in front of the camera as a news anchor where she has built a career that has given her national recognition as one of the hosts of the CBS news program, 48 hours.

Background Details You Probably Didn’t Know about Maureen Maher

Maureen Maher was born in Detroit, Michigan, to young parents who at the time of her birth were only high school seniors. The unpreparedness and inability to raise a child at their age forced them to give up their daughter for adoption. This was the only way they could ensure the wellbeing of their child and they obviously found the right couple for the job.

While the story of many children who have been given up for adoption does not always end on a good note, with several of them being adopted by terrible parents who fail to provide a healthy environment, Maureen was lucky to have good adoptive parents who raised her like a child of their own.

With their help, Maureen Maher was able to have and complete her basic education before heading off to Loyola University where she studied Communications, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991. At the end of her academic journey, Maher started her professional journey in Chicago where she joined the radio station, WLUW (FM), in the same year she graduated.

Timeline of Her Career As a Journalist

For about a year, Maureen Maher worked as a news anchor for WLUW’s morning show before she headed back to her birth city of Detroit to work for the television station, WJBK-TV. The switch from radio to TV did not take her entirely away from the radio as she later found work with the radio station, WWJ (AM), and simultaneously held a position as a reporter. This job lasted from 1992 to 1995.

One of the fundamental truths about journalism is that it is a nomadic profession and climbing to the top often requires moving from one news organization to another. Maher, after spending three years in Detroit, moved to the city of Flint where she worked as a news anchor for WJRT-TV. While she was there, she reported on several important news events like the Oklahoma City bombing and the Decker Farm raid.

At this point in her career life, Maureen Maher was constantly gaining ground and climbing up the ranks. Thus, she didn’t rest on her oars but continued to explore new grounds. Her next move later proved to be one of the most productive in her career timeline to date.

Maureen Maher
Maureen Maher with Meg and Matt Sauer

Maher left Michigan in 1997 and returned to the city where her professional career all started, Chicago. There, she served as CBS’ Chicago-based correspondent for two of its shows; CBS Newspath and CBS News. The journalist went on to spend five years in the field between 1997 and 2002, a time during which she reported on events like the Kosovo crisis and the Impeachment of Bill Clinton. Her footprints can also be found on reports about some of the most devastating natural disasters in the United States, the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, as well as the 2002 Kenyan hotel bombing, among other stories.

Having paid her dues in full as a correspondent for the network, Maureen Maher joined the show she is most known for today, 48 Hours Mystery, in 2003. She first served as a correspondent before becoming a host on the show in 2014. She has since that time been on the CBS true-crime documentary and news program.

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What is Maureen Maher‘s Net Worth

While one does not need to look like Miss World to earn the big bucks while delivering news on television, it is no doubt an added advantage to be good looking. Maureen Maher, who everyone with a good pair of eyes would admit that she is a delight to look at, has been able to enjoy a long-standing career in the broadcasting industry where she has been duly rewarded for her work. The Loyola University graduate has grown to command a huge salary of $500,000 per annum as a reporter for CBS. As a result of this, she has been able to amass a net worth estimated to be in the region of $2 million.

Maher has come a long way in the news industry and with her reporting forming a part of CBS News’ coverage of important events in history, her success and achievements don’t come as a surprise. Her earnings have been more than enough for her and her family to live a comfortable life.

Who is Maureen Maher Married to?

Being an adopted child who was given up by her parents, Maureen Maher had the responsibility of being better than her parents by providing a good environment to raise and take care of any children she has chosen to bring into the world. The journalist has been able to do exactly just that alongside her husband whose name is unknown.

For unknown reasons, Maher has chosen to not publicly speak about who her husband is, although she does refer to him in the third person in her tweets from time to time. What is public knowledge about her family life is the fact that she and her husband are happily married with two children. It is not clear what he does for a living and how exactly the pair came to know each other. Maher and her lovely family live together in Chicago.

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