All The Intriguing Facts About Trish Spencer, Her Marriage And Business

When mentioned, the name Trish Spencer doesn’t come with a big bang, but the same name will raise eyebrows when addressed as the wife of the Canadian celebrity chef, Matty Matheson. The jolly chef’s career could have ended in a shroud if not for the internet that brought his culinary talent to the limelight. Today, Matty has become a household name in cookery but the curiosity about his wife is yet to be satisfied.

Who is Matty Matheson’s wife, Trish Spencer? Let’s get to know her beginning from her earliest days.

She Came from a Modest Family

She was named Patricia Spencer and was born in a modest Canadian family. As a result of the fact that she enjoys staying away from the spotlight, there isn’t much information available about her. Even such basic details as her date of birth and education history are not available.

However, we know that Trish Spencer was born and raised in a neighborhood of New Brunswick, Canada – not quite far from where her future husband also lived with his parents. Trish grew up in a close-knit family and among four siblings. Coincidentally, her mother was a good cook and worked as a chef just like her husband.

Because her relationship with Matty began from her teenage years and caused Matty to be close to her family early on, it is speculated in certain quarters that it was Trish’s mother’s cooking skills that rubbed off on Matty. This speculation is further fueled by Matty’s inclusion of one of the woman’s favorite dishes (microwaved egg and cheese Bologna eaten together with bread) in his book titled Matty Matheson: A Cookbook.

What Trish Spencer Does For a Living

To the best of our knowledge, she currently co-runs a bridal shop named Loversland (LL), which is located on 215 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. She is busy with the affairs of the shop, which is why she maintains no social media presence.

Matty Matheson’s wife owns and co-runs the Ontario-based bridal shop. The shop provides an array of products and services that relate to weddings. Not only can you find ready-to-wear bridal gowns of all shapes and sizes in the shop, but you can also get women’s tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, shoes, jewelry, swimsuits, sleepwear, and other things of that sort.

The shop also sells men’s swimsuits and various gift items for men as well as provide in-house bridal designers of all kinds. You will equally find home decor items like rugs and blankets in the shop, which may make you wonder why the shop is described as just ‘bridal’. In all, Trish has had a very successful run in her career path.

An Overview of Her Relationship with Matty

It wouldn’t be out of place for one to assert that Trish Spencer and Matty Matheson’s relationship took-off before they knew what they wanted from life. The couple was just in their teenage years when they met, and as a result of Trish Spencer’s youthful shyness, she did not accept Matty’s advances at first; mostly because he was one of the popular boys on the street then.

When they eventually got together, the couple grew to become one of the most loving pairs you can find and have been going strong ever since. Studying together in a Catholic school, the lovebirds formed a lasting bond; an online comment referred to them as the perfect example of what romantic relationships should be. They have also been described as the “most in-love couple”.

There was a time Matty took to Instagram to express his love and admiration for his wife. He stated that Trish is the person he has been striving to become and vowed to respect and cherish her all the time.

It was in August 2014 that they legalized their relationship at a wedding held in Port Dover, Norfolk County, Ontario. Their bond is just incredible with Trish Spencer describing her spouse at some point as a brand whore who wears a mix-match of everything. Trish has a personality that is less extreme and intense compared to her husband’s eccentric nature; this may be the secret to their happy union.

The celebrity chef is downright funny, he popped the big question on the 1st of April. According to Matty, he made a show of cutting his hand in the kitchen and screamed Trish’s name for help. She arrived in a rush to find him waiting with a ring and a big smile. The best part of the tale is that Matty was unaware it was April Fools Day.

Trish Spencer Is a Mother of Two

Trish Spencer is currently a happy mother of two kids: a girl and a boy. The boy named MacArthur Myer Matheson was born on March 15, 2016, while his little sister Rizzo Louise Matheson joined the family about two years later in October 2018.

Trish and her family
Trish Spencer with her husband and kids: Image source

Matty defines the phrase “one-woman man”. He met Trish late in the 90s and they have been together ever since. With more than twenty years together and six years of marriage behind then, the celeb chef has proved he is a family man to the core. He may be initially perceived as a carefree person with his neck to finger-tip tattoos, but he remains an example to all men for his unflinching dedication to his wife and kids.

Trish Spencer’s husband may be a celebrated chef capable of whipping up delicious dishes, but she is no stranger to culinary skills. Trish is equally a good cook; even her husband credited her Hello Dolly Squares chocolate dessert as one of the best.

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More Facts About Trish Spencer’s Husband 

For those who do not know Trish Spencer’s husband well enough, Matty Matheson is the son of waitress Joan and engineer Stephen Matheson. Though his place of birth is Saint John, New Brunswick, the celeb chef spent his formative years in Fort Erie, Ontario. He joined Humber’s cooking program upon relocating to Toronto in 2000; there, he discovered a knack for meat butchering. However, that didn’t stop him from embarking on a brief tour with a metal band as a roadie, but he later returned to his culinary career.

Today, Trish Spencer’s husband is renowned as a professional Canadian chef who attained celebrity status through his funny recipe presentations, mainly via the internet. He first came to prominence as a regular guest on Munchies, a food-themed program of the Canadian digital media giant Vice Media LLC.

Until the New Year’s Day of 2019 when the well-known Toronto-based restaurant Parts and Labor closed, Matty was its Executive Chef. He is a writer with one publication to his credit and has grown to be the owner of one of the most famous restaurant chains in Canada.

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