Matthew Mario Rivera – Profile And Facts About Kasie Hunt’s Husband

Television reporters do us the favor of bringing us the news of the events happening around us in the comfort of our home but that public service also makes them public personalities, and oftentimes celebrities. When they reach this status, the attention that comes with it is often spilled onto their personal life, particularly their spouses, like in the case of Matthew Mario Rivera, who is the husband of renowned journalist, Kasie Hunt.

For many partners and spouses, dealing with the complexities that come with living your life and protecting your public image can be challenging and sometimes, brings friction between a couple but thankfully, Matthew Mario Rivera has a full understanding of the nature of his wife’s role, being a journalist himself.

The knowledge of this and the long relationship between Kasie and Matthew leads us to explore who Matthew Mario Rivera is and his life so far. Read on.

Who Is Matthew Mario Rivera?

Matthew’s life began on the 16th of April, 1982 as one of the children born to Daniel O. Rivera and Loraine V. Vetter. His father is a retired lieutenant while his mother is a retired nurse. Things did not end on a good note for Matthew’s parents and they got divorced while he was young, with his mother remarrying, to a man named Larry Vetter.

His basic education was rolled out at Sachem High School from where he graduated in 2000 before proceeding to study at a higher level at New York University. At NYU, Matthew Mario Rivera studied journalism and earned himself a bachelor’s degree in the subject.

Everything was set for a career in news organizations for Matthew who graduated as an exceptional student but rather than begin a career as a journalist, he chose instead to pursue a career in the production of documentaries. He established his own production company, Moose Productions and began to create several original contents, distributing them to various organizations.

Within the first three years of creation, Moose Productions had several short films under its belt and a feature film. The company grew in size, expanding to three countries across two continents. While he nurtured Moose Productions, he also worked for CareerTV as a video journalist, spending two years at the company.

The talent and skill at Matthew Mario’s disposal kept him very busy as he also worked for FastCompany, a business magazine as a video journalist. Things were kicked up a notch for Matthew Mario Rivera in March 2008 when he joined The Wall Street Journal as a reporter.

While he was with WSJ, he helped in the creation of WSJ Live. He joined in September 2010 after spending two years with WSJ and has worked in different capacities for the news organization since he joined.

As a producer, he has worked on various news shows like Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, and its expansion into different formats from podcasts to live productions in Film festivals.

Relationship with Kasie Hunt

Matthew Mario Rivera
Matthew with his wife, Kasie Hunt

The standard advice is never to date a work colleague but the truth is, sometimes the attraction is too strong to ignore and when it works, it is one of the best relationship dynamics in existence. Thankfully, Matthew Mario Rivera did not listen to the advice when he asked Kasie Hunt out on their first date.

The date, which happened in 2012 when they met as colleagues for NBC News eventually kicked off a relationship that led to an engagement on the 13th of August, 2016. Their engagement, which was a thing of joy to their co-workers was announced on national television.

Matthew Mario Rivera publicly declared his love for his wife, Kasie Hunt on the 6th of May, 2017 in front of friends and family when they got married in Stanley, Virginia. The couple has remained together ever since, enjoying the joys of marital life.

Net Worth

As someone who has been working as a producer for some of the most high-profile news shows in American news organizations, there is no doubt that Matthew Mario Rivera has been earning the big bucks for his talent and experience. He owns his own production company and is also an adjunct professor in the prestigious New York University, so it comes as no surprise that Matthew is estimated to be worth $2 million.

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Other Facts About Matthew Mario Rivera

  1. Matthew Rivera has dark brown hair paired with light brown eyes.
  2. He was once a visiting instructor for the BBC video journalism program.
  3. His stepfather, Larry Vetter, is an environmentalist with a consulting company based in New York.
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