Matthew Gilmour – Kids and Facts About Elizabeth Smart’s Husband

Four days after the Valentine’s Day of 2012, a wedding was held in Laie Hawaii Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as Mormons or LDS). The wedding was between Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour. Although the wedding was supposed to be a private affair, it relatively graced the tabloid pages across the United States and the world.

The spotlight was on the lady, Elizabeth. She had once caught media attention ten years behind (that is, 2002) when she was abducted from her home in the US State of Utah (precisely Salt Lake City). After her rescue, nine months later, she recounted how she was sexually abused during her ordeal. But she has since turned her negative story to a positive one by working as a child safety activist and a missionary. She is also a contributor to ABC News.

With the above-stated background, Elizabeth Smart is very much known. But, not quite much may be known about her husband Matthew – at least, not in America nor in the mainstream media. So, we devote the following space to bring you everything about Matthew Gilmour, husband to Elizabeth Smart.

Matthew Gilmour’s Early Life

Matthew Gilmour is a Scottish who was born in the year 1991 back in his home country. He grew up in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. His dad and mum are respectively Stewart and Kay Gilmour – both of which are music tutors. Stewart taught music at St. Machar Academy and also played brass band for a local group prior to his cancer-induced death in July 2008. As for Matthew’s mother Kay, she still works as a music director at St. Machar Academy in Aberdeen. She also does charity work via CLAN Cancer Support perhaps as a tribute to her husband who died of cancer as already mentioned. Both of Matthew’s parents are Mormons.

Matthew has four siblings back home – a brother and three sisters. His sisters are Ashlea, Bethany, and Chloe while his brother is Kyle. He holds Scottish/British nationality and belongs to the white Caucasian race. He and his siblings are raised in the tradition of the Mormons which makes them quite conservative.

His Kids and Family

matthew gilmour elizabeth smart kids
Matthew Gilmour, his wife Elizabeth and their kids – James and Chloe: Image source.

Most probably as an offshoot of the Mormon background Matthew was raised in, he is not quite active on social media. However, we are grateful that this lack on his part is made up for by his wife. It is through her that we get to know about their kids even from when they are in the womb. Currently, the couple has three lovely kids: Chloe, James and Olivia Gilmour.

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In June 2018, Elizabeth Gilmour’s fans joyfully received the news that Matthew and his wife were expecting their third baby in six years. It was Elizabeth his wife, who broke the happy news by posting the ultrasound photo of the baby girl on social media. Then, according to the ultrasound prediction, the baby girl finally arrived on November 19, 2018. She has since been named Olivia.

Before Olivia Gilmour was born, her elder sister Chloe (named after Matthew’s own sister) had been born in February 2015. Also, Olivia’s elder brother James had been born in April 2017.

How He Met Elizabeth Smart

While Matthew was on a mission to France for the Mormons, his prospective wife Elizabeth was also selected for the same mission. It was there on the mission field that both of them met and eventually married each other. Mathew is about 4 years younger than his wife Elizabeth who was born on November 3, 1987. Both of them were raised as Mormons but in different cultural backgrounds – Matthew in Scotland and Elizabeth in the U.S.

His Net Worth

We do not have any information about where Matthew Gilmour may have acquired formal education from elementary school right up to college. Consequently, we do not know his area of specialization as per career. However, we know that he is an elder (basically a missionary) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). According to Glassdoor, an LDS intern receives an average pay of $18 per hour. From this, we can have some idea of Matthew Gilmour’s income profile. However, his net worth is still under review.

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Matthew Gilmour is Not Social Media Savvy

He is either too busy with his missionary work or he is just plain media-shy. His social media presence is not quite noticeable. Although some sources report that he has a Facebook page named ‘Elder Matthew Gilmour’s Mission Page,’ we have not been able to find the page on Facebook. Then, we have found over 75 Facebook profiles named ‘Matthew Gilmour’, ‘Mathew Gilmour’ or ‘Matt Gilmour.’ But none of them is verified as belonging to Elizabeth Smart’s husband. Neither have we been able to trace his verified presence on other social media platforms.

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