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When it comes to music, especially in the modern age, there has been a rise in different genres, styles, and ultimately, artists who have taken music as we know it to a whole new level. Pentatonix, an Acappella group is one of those who has taken Acappella singing to a new level that has seen them achieve global fame. One of the members of this group of trendsetters is Matt Sallee, a second bass in the group of five.

While the group mostly consists of original members who still remain part of the group, Matt Sallee is a new member who joined the group in 2017 and has already been a part of five albums released by the group.

For fans of Pentatonix and admirers of Matt Sallee, learn all you need to know about the singer below.

Matt Sallee Biography & Age

When Avi Kaplan announced he was leaving Pentatonix, several fans of the group who had grown up with him as a member were understandably disappointed but his decision to leave paved the way for Matt Sallee, an equally talented singer to join the group.

Matt Sallee was born on the 11th of February, 1994 in San Antonio, Texas to E. Sallee and Tammy Sallee. He was born as the last child in a family of three children, which included two older siblings, a brother and a sister named Ernest and Tamira respectively.

His relationship with music began as soon as he could speak, having been born to a father who is a music pastor. Not long after, he was performing in church, treading the path that is common to many musicians in America.

After he established his ability to wow a crowd in church, Matt Sallee took his talents to school and local talent shows where he improved his talents while subsequently mesmerizing his audience. His journey as a young singer has seen him perform at the Kennedy Center, Apollo Theater and Morman Temper Visitors Center.

With such an impressive CV as a singer at a young age, it came as no surprise that he was the group’s pick to replace the void left by Avi Kaplan’s absence. The accomplishment came for Matt Sallee after he had completed his time at Berklee College of Music, where he made further improvement to his vocal work and his overall knowledge of music.

Since he joined the group in 2017, he has been a part of multiple albums and EP releases, which include Christmas is Here in October 2018 and PTX Presents Top Pop Vol. 1, which was released in April 2018 and a couple more.

What Is Matt Sallee’s Net Worth?

Matt Sallee
Matt Sallee (R) with other members of Pentatonix at the Grammys

While one cannot say that Pentatonix is one of the richest groups in music, it boasts of several successful tours, impressive streaming numbers and album sales that make it a very successful music group. Since Matt Sallee became a member of the group, he has gotten a taste of the financial income that comes from being a member of Pentatonix. This has resulted in a net worth currently estimated at $400,000.

Matt Sallee’s Height & Weight

Other than their exceptional vocal abilities and their gift when it comes to manipulating a music note, the Acappella group has been known to be a group of unquestionably attractive people, a fact that hasn’t been changed with the addition of Matt Sallee.

The Texas-born second bass singer has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and a muscular sized body with a moderate weight of 83kg. An African American, Matt Sallee has black hair and dark brown eyes, all of which come together to create a very good-looking young man.

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Other Facts About The Pentatonix’s Member

1. His abilities as a singer and his Pentatonix membership has made him quite the social media star with over 130 thousand followers on Instagram and over 32 thousand on Twitter.

2. While his fame and looks are sure to make him the toast of several men and women, Matt Sallee is a single man who seems to be focusing on his career.

3. In college, Matt Sallee was his school’s student President and was a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee.

4. Matt Sallee was a member of an Acappella group in college named Pitch Slapped.

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