All The Juicy Details About Mary Padian’s Career Growth, Boyfriend and Her Net Worth

We may have many talented celebrities out there, but there seem to be a few others who are able to harness their various talents and put them to good use thus, earning both fame and financial balance from their various careers. Mary Padian is one of those personalities who are celebrated for their works in various notable business fields. She is a journalist, TV personality and businesswoman and is best known for her appearances on A&E Network’s Storage Wars series which aired from December 1, 2010, to January 30, 2019.

Nicknamed the ‘Junkster,’ Padian has been one of the prominent antique collectors on Storage Wars; she joined the show in 2014 and has been making recurring appearances until it ended in 2019. In addition, Mary owns an antique display shop in Dallas where she displays her beautiful collections.

Prior to her antique collection career, Mary worked as an assistant editor at Architectural Digest, a career that paved her way to the celebrity ladder which she currently enjoys. Mary Padian is a mix of Lebanese and Irish and she grew up in a very large family consisting of her brother Luke, their parents, and 42 cousins. There is so much to know about this beautiful TV star and here are some facts that may be of interest to you.

How She Began Her Multi-Professional Career

While she was growing up, her father had a junkyard where scraps are collected. From an early stage, Mary started going to the junkyard where she collects salvageable items that can be redesigned.

Mary continued collecting junks throughout her high school days and after she left high school, she enrolled at the University of Texas in Austin. There, she studied photojournalism and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2003. While she was there, Mary carried out several projects and was a part of the school’s media centre.

Soon after her education, Mary Padian started her professional career and she first worked as an intern at D-Magazine. After that, she relocated to New York City where she was employed as an assistant editor for a magazine company called Architectural Digest. There, she served for a few years under the guidance of the company’s chief editor Paige Rinse. It didn’t take time for her to familiarize herself with the company’s mode of operation. She became the company’s assistant editor and was able to make videos of fine architectural collections that were featured on the company’s website at the time. One of such is a series of videos called, “Mary’s Finds” (a name that would eventually metamorphose into a store which she opened in 2010 in Dallas, Texas).

mary padian
Padian (center) with her Storage Wars co-stars

In a bid to follow her passion, Mary Padian decided to quit her job at Architectural Digest in 2010 in order to pursue a career as an antique collector. At the early stages of her career, she opened a furniture restoration and antique display shop called ‘Mary Finds’ in Dallas. There, she showcases a collection of overhauled and vintage items. She experienced a positive turn in her business after she met Morris ‘Moe’ Prigoff, an antique and furniture collector who is also a cast member of the Storage Wars unit auction team in 2010. Since then, she has established herself as one of the prominent antique collectors in the United States.

Mary later started making guest appearances on the Storage Wars reality TV series before turning into one of the main stars of the show in 2014. On the show, she bears the name ‘Junkster’ which was inspired by her outstanding ability to salvage junk items and transform them into valuables. Mary co-stars other main antique collectors including Dave Hester, Darrell Sheets, and Ivy Calvin, among others. The popular TV show and its sequels including Storage Wars: Texas and Storage Wars: New York aired on A&E Networks.

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Unraveling Her Love Life and Relationships

Wondering if the Storage Wars star is married or not? The truth isn’t farfetched. Mary Padian is very gorgeous, smart, and creative; she has won the heart of her many fans through her top-notch business acumen and smart appearances. However, when it comes to her personal life, she has been so secretive about it. She enjoys keeping her personal life away from the media to avoid being mixed up in rumors and controversies.

Meanwhile, in an episode of Storage Wars, she was accompanied by someone she introduced as Dylan. In her introduction, she revealed she found her ‘perfect man’ in Texas after traveling to Califonia in search of love. Padian and her newly found love share wonderful on-screen chemistry; the smile on their faces is proof they are really enjoying a blissful relationship. Sadly, there is no much information regarding their relationship and her boyfriend; the TV star hasn’t shared such details with the media. Apparently, Mary is still single and not married. She is currently in a relationship and we hope they make it down the aisle pretty soon.

How Mary Padian Came About Her $600k Net Worth

The talented TV personality and antique collector has been successful in her career and is currently living a lavish lifestyle. Being one of the main characters of Storage Wars TV show, Mary Padian is said to be pocketing $450,000 after each season and the show ended in January 2019 with a total of 12 seasons and 269 episodes.

Padian’s TV career isn’t her only source of income. As we have already mentioned earlier, she is also a good businesswoman. Her vintage collections enabled her to earn a decent income as well and with the Storage War coming to an end, the star plans to focus on taking her business to the next level.

She may have also earned much from her job as an assistant editor at Architectural Digest and a lot more may have also come from a series of videos she produced while at Architectural Digest. Her net worth has been estimated to be $600,000.

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