Who Is Mary Lee Harvey? 6 Quick Facts About Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife

Despite divorcing the comedian and television personality over 10 years ago, Mary Lee Harvey continues to be a person of interest to fans and media alike. The phenomenon is an implication of the life of dating and falling in love with a celebrity, and while the abrupt solution to that would be to avoid getting personally attached to the celebrated, it is important to remember that celebrities are just like the rest of us regular folk.

Celebrities share the same desire for love and affection from a person as we do, unfortunately, when they find that person, especially when said person isn’t a part of their world as celebrities, there is a lasting attention that comes with this love. As the ex-wife of Steve Harvey, it didn’t take Mary Lee Harvey long to find this out.

Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

Despite the attention and curiosity that follows Mary Lee Harvey around, one is not likely to find much in the form of background information about the ex-wife of the comedian. From the appearance of things, she seems to have built a suitable wall to block the barrage of curiosity about her life and her relationship with her ex-husband.

According to research, Mary Lee Harvey was born Mary Shackelford on the 20th of October, 1960 to parents whose identities are in any way known. As evident from the color of her skin, Mary Lee Harvey is an African American. Other information about her education are all behind the wall of mystery she has put around her against the media.

Despite the suggestion of nothingness of information about Mary Lee Harvey, we have been able to gather six interesting facts about her.

1. She has been to Jail

You are bound to think that the ex-wife of one of television most famous and beloved personalities has a dark side but unfortunately, that is not the case. While she most certainly has spent time in jail, it was for a victimless crime of publicly discussing her divorce from Steve Harvey after agreeing to a settlement after their divorce that barred her from discussing the circumstances of their divorce.

This was considered contempt of court seeing as the agreement was considered court orders and she was subsequently remanded in jail for a year.

2. She got married to Steve Harvey before he was ‘Steve Harvey’

If the concept of marrying a person for who they are and not what they are is applied in Mary Lee Harvey’s relationship with Steve Harvey, that is what could be said of their marriage which began in 1989. During the time, Steve was an up and coming comedian who was just finding his feet and grow into the industry. Eventually, while they were together, Steve Harvey grew to become who he is today, with several syndicated television shows and a comedy career that blossomed all over the country.

3. She was his second wife

Mary Lee Harvey
Mary and her ex-husband, Steve Harvey

If at first, you don’t succeed, try again is often applied to many things but not usually marriage. Well, Steve Harvey was not only to listen to that advice and he married Mary Lee Harvey after he divorced his first wife, Marcia Harvey. Coming into his marriage with Mary Lee, he had two daughters. His marriage to Mary Lee Harvey produced a son named Wynton Harvey.

4. She has a net worth of $1 million

To say their divorce was amicable would be to make a mockery of the word. Regardless, with the help of the court, Mary Lee Harvey was able to secure a settlement of $40,000 per month until 2009 (four years after their divorce). With his payment, along with securing their home at the time, Mary Lee has been able to build an estimated net worth of $1 million

5. She is a makeup artist

As far as working goes, although she doesn’t need to do a lot of it, Mary Lee Harvey is professionally a makeup artist. It is believed to be the profession she worked before she met Steve Harvey.

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6. She met Steve Harvey in Arlington, Texas

When love is new and sweet, lovers often look back on when they met with pleasure and happiness. Before their marriage came to a bitter end, that place was a comedy club in Arlington, Texas where Steve Harvey performed in 1989. Considering how their story ended, it is safe to say at least one of them looks back on it with regret.

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