Martyn Eaden – Bio, Family Life and Facts About Chrissy Metz’s Husband

Martyn Eaden is among the many personalities who became famous through their spouses. Professionally, he is a freelance screenwriter whose expertise has been proven in a number of popular movies and television series. Martyn Eden married Chrissy Metz, a plus-size American actress in 2008 and even though they are no longer together as husband and wife, he has remained an interesting part in Chrissy’s love story. Let’s get to know some interesting facts about the British screenwriter and copywriter.

Martyn Eaden’s Biography

Since his emergence to the limelight, Martyn Eaden has revealed very scanty information about himself and his background. What we know so far is that he was born in the United Kingdom. Some sites also claim that he is Caucasian and he also holds American nationality. Details about his educational background and qualifications are still not revealed to the public.

Professionally, Eaden is a screenwriter, he has written a couple of screenplays like Death Factory, a 2014 horror film that was directed by Steven Judd. Eaden also wrote the screenplay for Spurned, a 2016 movie thriller that talks about a separated couple trying to make amends. The film was directed by Merik Tadros and it featured actors like Megan Hensley, Scott Donovan and Pej Vahdat. Martyn Eaden led a very low profile sticking to his own profession until he met the Chrissy Metz.

Martyn Eaden Family

Martyn is among those top celebrities whose true identity and family background is not yet known. However, we know the family he shared with the American actress and singer Chrissy Metz. Through his marital bond with the plus-size actress, he became a son-in-law to her parents Denise and Mark Metz and a brother-in-law to her siblings and stepsiblings.

Martyn Eaden and Chrissy met for the first time after the actress relocated to Los Angeles to begin her acting career. The two loved each other the very first day they met and they realized they couldn’t spare enough time to be together. Almost immediately, they tied the knot and their wedding was quite a private one with no member of their families making it to the event. The ceremony was held in a courthouse located in Santa Barbara, California, but the news about their separation began to circulate in January 2013. It was followed by Eaden’s move for divorce from Metz on November 2014 and on December 11, 2015, their divorce case was finalized on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Prior to their separation, the couple shared no children together.

Facts About Chrissy Metz’s Husband

Martyn’s net worth

Martyn may not be as popular as his ex-wife but he is definitely making a huge income from his professional career as a copywriter. Although he is yet to reveal just how much he earns from his career, it is assumed that he earns between $60,000 to $100,000, however, his net worth is still under review. On the other hand, his ex-wife Chrissy is reportedly worth up to $7 million, thanks to her roles in shows like This Is Us which earned her substantial income, as well as numerous award nominations. Her annual earning is roughly $3.75 million.

He was Chrissy’ first boyfriend

While it is yet unknown why Martyn and Chrissy ended their marital union, what’s most important is that the marriage ended quite amicably, even though they received reactions by their family members when Martyn filed for the divorce. Chriss’s mother who also felt disappointed at their separation revealed that the copywriter was indeed her daughter’s first love and that it was their love for each other that kept them together. Even when Martyn tendered the divorce letter, Chrissy was hopeful that everything will be fine in the end. She wished the divorce petition will be ignored but Martyn was determined to end it all with her. He persuaded the judge to grant the divorce and even refused spousal support as part of their divorce settlement. He requested that the court allows him to gain sole ownership of his car and bank accounts.

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Martyn Eaden is often mistaken to be Josh Stancil

Chrissy Metz ex-husband, Josh Stancil- image source

Martyn Eaden and Chrissy never hung out in public during their union and as a result, no picture of him is displayed on any social platform. As a result, a picture of her former boyfriend and Cameraman, Josh Stancil is often mistaken for Eaden. She met Stencil after her divorce from Martyn Eaden. They even got married in 2016 and separated shortly afterwards. Currently, she is hooked up with Hal Rosenfeld, a composer. Martyn has since his divorce from Chrissy kept himself off the limelight. Currently, he is believed to still be single.

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