Who Is Marty Meierotto From Mountain Men and What is His Net Worth?

For anyone who is conversant with the American reality television series Mountain Men which airs on History channel, Marty Meierotto would definitely be no stranger as he has been among the principal cast from the beginning of the show in 2012 to date. Marty, a wilderness expert, trapper, and survivalist, is most popular as a result of his presence in the afore-mentioned TV show where he is seen living in queer areas of the United States, trapping animals for their fur as a means of livelihood. He began his career in the 1980s and has recorded a number of successes in the survivalist business which is sometimes lucrative.

A lot of things about his life are all covered in this write-up so just keep reading to discover them all.

Who Is Marty Meierotto and How Old is He? 

Marty Meierotto was born in Northern Wisconsin, USA, but the exact date on which he was born remains unknown. However, judging by his looks, one may be right to assume that he was born sometime in the 1960s and is in his late 50s. The son of Thomas T. Meierotto (father), a trapper, and Karen Meierotto (mother), his interest in trapping was kindled at an early age and his father gladly put him through, teaching him most of the skills he possesses today.

As a seven-year-old boy, Marty’s father gave him an opportunity to witness first-hand how he sets traps for animals by taking him far North of Wisconsin. When he turned eight, Thomas, sent him on a mission to survive on limited resources as a fur trapper while living in a cabin located 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

Convinced that he wanted to follow in his father’s career path, Marty Meierotto delved into trapping as soon as he was done with high school. However, there were a lot of trappers in Wisconsin at the time, with few animals to catch so consequently, he and his brother named Jeff, decided to move to Alaska in 1985 with the intention of scouting the area to see if it was good enough for the career he was pursuing. Initially, Marty had no plans of staying there but he fell so much in love with the environment that he made up his mind to remain there.

In a bid to raise money to fund his ambition, Marty Meierotto took a job as a janitor at Fairbanks, worked at construction sites and also worked as a logger. He spent some of the money he made on food and used the rest to buy both traps and his first tent. With his traps, he trapped wild animals on his days off from work while living in his tent in a remote area. As time went by, Marty was able to build a small cabin for himself, which according to him, was easier to warm than a tent.

After some years, Marty Meierotto became a full-time trapper and was subsequently noticed by the producers of Mountain Menwho got in touch and also struck a deal with him, bringing him on the show that premiered on May 31, 2012. These days, the trapper is seen in the show, setting traps and catching animals 200 miles north of Fairbanks during the winter season. In addition to being a trapper, Marty also works as a smokejumper for the Alaska Fire Service during summer.

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What Is Marty Meierotto’s Net Worth?

Marty’s estimated net worth is around $250, 000 according to different authority sources, although his monthly income is not known. He made his modest fortune both from his job as a trapper and also from the reality television series Mountain Men. It is possible he earned most of his money from the TV show in which he has appeared as himself for seven years and still counting.

Meet Marty’s Wife And Kid

Marty Meierotto
Marty Meierotto with his wife and daughter (Image Source)

At a point in his career, Marty Meierotto met a lady named Dominique and after some time, they got married. The couple has a daughter named Noah Jane Meierotto whose date of birth is unknown. Even though Marty spends a lot of time in the far north, he goes home to his family in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, every two weeks.

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