Exploring Martie Allen’s Relationship With Kristy McNichol and How Much Wealth She Has Made

Everyone deserves a chance to experience love in life, to get the chance to express their love in the purest form, and take it as far as they want. It is the opportunity that was given to all Americans when the Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal in 2015. Before then, couples like Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol were not sure what the future held for them. Since the legalisation was confirmed, a lot more Americans have been able to live their truth, and experience love in its wholesomeness.

As such, Martie Allen is now comfortably building her life with her partner Kristy McNichol, the popular actress, and singer. They have been together since 1991, going through the journey of fighting for gay rights together. Their relationship has not only been one of the great examples of a gay hookup but of the possibility of long-lasting love in an industry like Hollywood. While McNichol is a popular face in movies and TV shows, Allen is not much of popular person, especially before they met.

Tracing Martie Allen’s Biography Before McNichol Nudged Her To Fame

Martie Allen was born in 1960, on January 1st. She was born to parents whom very little is known of. Details such as her childhood years and education history are very much unknown at this point in time. This is evidently because her only claim to fame was meeting Kristy.

But for her relationship with Kristy McNichol, Martie Allen might not be a recognizable name to the public. Although she desired and pressed for a career as an actress like her partner, she was unable to get a productive start in the profession, but the disappointment was not the only thing she got from her attempt to become an actress. It was through the journey that she met her lover and wife, Kristy McNichol, who was born two years later than her on the 11th of September, 1962 in Los Angeles California.

What Does Martie Allen Do For A Living?

Much like her early life which is shrouded in mystery, Martie Allen’s actual line of work is not known. One thing that is clear however is the fact that she aspired to be a top actress at some point in her life but things didn’t work out as planned.

While her partner went on to make a name for herself in the industry, starring in projects like Starsky & Hutch, The Bionic Woman, Love American Style, and winning prestigious awards like the Emmy and Golden Globes, Martie Allen stayed behind the scenes supporting her efforts. To date, no particular field of work has been attributed to her career, she just works in different capacities to help her partner.

What is Her Net Worth?

Unlike her wife, Martie Allen has a life strongly walled off from the media and as such, there is very little information regarding her professional life and in turn, her net worth. However, she lives a comfortable life with her wife, Kristy McNichol, who is worth a staggering $7 million.

The award-winning actress apparently made her fortune by appearing in several films and television shows, including shows like The Love Boat, The Golden Girls, and Family. Being a married couple, her wife’s net worth, combined with whatever she brings to the table financially provides a luxurious lifestyle for both of them.

Inside The Relationship Between Martie Allen And Kristy McNichol

Martie Allen
Martie Allen and her wife, Kristy McNichol

Because of the overwhelming majority of heterosexual relationships, it is understandable that many people hide their sexual orientation from the public eye if it doesn’t meet the supposed standards in society. This makes it difficult for gay people to find love but Martie and Kristy found each other in a world where their kind was disdained.

As a result of the dearth of information about Martie Allen’s life and background, it is difficult to know when she discovered she was a lesbian and accepted her sexuality. But, we know she began to date her wife in 1991 and they got married in a very private ceremony a few years after. Nevertheless, they didn’t flaunt their affair in public for fear of the negative vibes that may come out of it.

While they lived together as a married couple, the world was in obliviousness to their status, particularly that of Kristy McNichol who was more of a public personality until 2012 when she came out and announced her sexuality to the world. According to Kristy, she only did so to encourage others who lived in the closet to come forward and live their truths. Fast forward to recent times, gay couples are now free to express their love in public and get married in the same manner other people do.

A match that seems to have been made in heaven, both Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol are noted to have similar interests in many ways. They have always dedicated their time to social work, helping minorities, particularly the gay community who are in most need of it.

Martie Allen has not been in any known relationship with a man since 1991 when she started dating McNichol. The actress has been the only romantic connection in her life and they have been going strong ever since.

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What Has The Couple Been Up To?

McNichol dropped the news of her retirement in June 2001. According to the statement released by her publicist, the actress drew the curtain after 24 years of giving her best performances. She assured her fans that she would invest her time in building her personal happiness and wellbeing and that’s what she has been doing with Martie.

Since Kristy McNichol retired from the profession, Martie and her wife have focused on using their wealth in establishing an acting academy and passing on their knowledge and experience to aspiring actors and actresses. Both of them also engage in social work in support of the gay community. Engaging in charity has been very refreshing for the couple who look happier than ever.

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