What Is Martha Stewart’s Net Worth and How Did She Make Her Money?

Martha Stewart has managed to do what most people find impossible. She has crammed a dozen different lives into a single lifetime and lived each one of them to the fullest. Over the last six decades, she has gone from being a model to working as a stockbroker, publishing cookbooks, selling all kinds of retail goods, and hosting several daytime programs on television, including a cooking show with the hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg. Martha Stewart’s net worth stands as irrefutable proof of the life and empire she has built for herself from the ground up.

Even after a scandal rocked her world and threatened everything she had struggled to create, Martha Stewart didn’t stay down for long. She came back, reinvented herself, and continued fighting to achieve her goals and accumulate even more success. Today, she has 87 books to her name, three Daytime Emmy Awards, booming business ventures, and other accomplishments too numerous to list. Martha is considered one of the most powerful women in the world of business and broadcasting. Despite the rise and fall of her finances over the years, Martha Stewart’s net worth is still going strong. Here is everything you need to know about the business tycoon’s net value and how she makes and spends her money.

What Is Martha Stewart’s Net Worth?

Talent, creativity, and business savings are just some of the things that Martha has in abundance. She found a way to leverage her personal style and love for cooking, design and home decoration to create an empire that is still going strong today. She has continually revamped her brand to cater to changing market tastes and opinions of the day. Her reach extends to a wide range of products from meal kits to cookware, craft, bedding, fashion, and a variety of home-related goods. As of 2019, Martha Stewart’s net worth is estimated to be around $640 million.

It is worth noting that she is America’s first female self-made billionaire because her net worth crossed the billion-dollar mark on paper in 1999, after her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia went public.

How Did Martha Stewart Make Her Money?

The making of Martha Stewart’s net worth took time. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. For many years, she was a working-class citizen trying to make her own way in the world. She first began earning some money when she was 10 by working as a babysitter, she then switched to modeling as she grew older, which proved to be a lucrative endeavor because of her good looks and the type of clients she was able to book.

After college, Martha went into stockbroking where she earned fat six-figure salaries, but she soon quit to follow her passion. She started her own catering company that operated out of her basement and eventually grew into a million-dollar business. She then went into the publishing industry where she quickly became a household name, thanks to the success of her cookbooks and lifestyle books. In addition, she earned extra cash on the side from writing columns and articles for other media publications, as well as from the sales of her own magazine, Martha Stewart Living.

Still hungry for more success, Martha went on to launch numerous product lines that were sold in stores all over America. She found work on television as a daytime show host, which we all know is one of the best paying jobs anyone can get. All her business ventures and professional efforts have contributed in varying degrees to Martha Stewart’s jaw-dropping net worth.

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How She Spends Her Money

Martha Stewart with her dogs at her Maine residence
Martha Stewart with her dogs at her Maine residence: Image Source

Martha Stewart is an ultimate fashionista. She loves looking stylish and classy, which means she pumps a lot of money into her wardrobe. She also loves buying and renovating homes, to see what creative direction she can take to improve the overall appearance of the property. Her love for home design is evidenced by Turkey Hill, the charming 1805 farmhouse which she acquired with her then-husband in the 1970s and transformed with her trademark style. She sold the home for $6.7 million.

Although the retail guru owns numerous real estate properties scattered all over the world, her most famous houses include a majestic, slightly-oceanfront home in East Hampton constructed in 1914; Cantitoe Corners, a stunning 1784 property that includes a farmhouse, cottage, winter house, and two other homes; and Skylands, a 63-acre estate in Seal Harbor, Maine, which Martha escapes to during the hot summer months.

In addition, Martha spends her money on customized and vintage cars, fabulous vacations to the dreamiest parts of the world.


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