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While the NFL has continued to campaign for zero tolerance against drug abuse, Oakland Raiders star Martavis Bryant has joined the long list of players who have been found wanting in that regard. The American football wide receiver is well-known for his rangy frame and passing/catching abilities, nevertheless, his abuse of the league’s drug policy has become a deterrent to his football career. He is currently serving an indefinite suspension for using hard drugs such as marijuana to enhance his performance in the field. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the player has been busted in such an act. Read on, as we take you through Bryant’s career and interesting facts you need to know regarding his suspension.

Who Is Martavis Bryant?

A very talented football wide receiver, Martavis Bryant is one of the stars of the Oakland Raiders of the NFL. He signed with the team in 2018 after his stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers ended in 2017. Meanwhile, he began his career journey in 2014 when he was picked by the Steelers in the NFL draft. He was drafted in the fourth round with the 118th pick that year. Prior to his NFL career, Bryant played college football at Clemson University where he led the Clemson Tigers to win the ACC Championship in 2011.

Martavis Bryant was born on the 20th day of December 1991. The football player was born in Calhoun Falls of South Carolina in the United States. He was raised by a single parent Roberta Bryant and there is no much detail regarding his childhood. Bryant developed an interest in sports from a young age and when in high school, he participated in various sporting events including track and field as well as football. He went to Calhoun Falls High School before moving to T.L. Hanna High School where he completed his high school career.

During his high school football career, Martavis played the wide receivers position for his school team. For his excellent performance, he got All-State First-team honors in his senior year after making 70 receptions and 11 touchdowns. At the end of his high school career, he was rated four-star by websites like and 247 In order to scale through NCAA eligibility, Martavis spent one year at Hargrave Military Academy before going to Clemson University.

Joining the Clemson Tigers football team for his college career in 2011; Martavis competed for the starting shirt alongside DeAndre Hopkins and Jaron Brown. In his first season, he led the Tigers to win the ACC Championship after making nine receptions and two touchdowns in the season. As a sophomore, Martavis stepped up his game, finishing the season with a record of ten receptions and four touchdowns. He hauled 42 receptions and seven touchdowns in his junior year in 2013. After that, Bryant decided to give up his last college season in order to join the NFL draft of 2014.

Details of His Professional Career

Martavis Bryant
Bryant in action for the Raiders

During the NFL draft of 2014, Martavis Bryant was picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He penned his first professional contract in June 2014 and the contract worth $2.65 million lasted four years with a signing bonus of $439, 220. Joining the Steelers squad, Martavis missed his team’s first six games due to injuries. At the end of his rookie season, Bryant scored eight touchdowns and 26 receptions for the Steelers.

The following year, his ordeal started as the player violated the league’s drug abuse policy. He incurred a four-game suspension and was sent to a rehabilitation centre in Houston. Upon return, Martavis couldn’t play because of an injury he sustained. Later on, he made a few appearances for the Steelers and the next season, he was banned from playing football the entire season following his violation of the same drug policy.

During the 2017 season, the wide receiver was conditionally reinstated by the league management after series of appeal. He rejoined his team, assuming the starting wide receiver position for the Steelers. Bryant hauled a total of 50 receptions and three touchdowns at the end of the season. He was further traded to the Oakland Raiders in April 2018 in exchange for the Raiders 3rd round pick in the 2018 draft. Martavis was released by the Raiders prior to the inception of the 2018 season for fear of possible suspension. He was later re-signed on a one-year deal by the Raiders. He played 8 games, making 19 receptions for the team before he was placed on the injury list.

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Why Was He Suspended By NFL, Would He Be Reinstated?

In December 2018, Martavis faced an indefinite suspension by the National Football League management. This happened as a result of bridging the agreement stated in his conditional reinstatement. The wide receiver who has blended so well in the Raiders squad along with Amari Cooper and others has experienced a series of downturns in his professional career.

While Bryant is currently serving his suspension, the NFL, on the other hand, has not issued any statement regarding the future of the player in the league. Notably, his contract with the Raiders will elapse at the end of the 2018 season and the future of the player is still uncertain. The JR team hopes to keep you posted on the possible outcome of his suspension.

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