Mark Worman Net Worth – How Much Does The Graveyard Carz Star make?

Just as actors and actresses are financially rewarded for bringing stories to life in scripted drama, being the creator of a successful reality show provides a similar financial reward and as the creator of the popular Motortrend show, Graveyard Carz, the belief is Mark Worman’s net worth has risen in tandem with the show’s popularity.

Since Graveyard Carz came to life through the imagination and vision of Mark Worman in 2012, the show has spent over ten seasons on the air and is well rated by fans on Facebook. The show which was produced under Mark’s production company, The Division Productions, LLC has made considerable income through ads and merchandise sold through the popularity of the show.

For fans of Graveyard Carz and Mark Worman, here is a look at his net worth as well as how much he makes through the show.

Mark Worman’s Net Worth

In determining Mark Worman’s net worth, we must take a look at his career since, particularly in the entertainment industry. The Eugene, Oregon-born producer had a little career on television before the premiere of Graveyard Carz, with is only recorded appearance being a solitary feature on LA Business Today.

Eventually, following an idea that popped in his mind during his restoration of a 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda, he began his journey with Graveyard Carz, partnering with the reality TV network, Velocity.

Since the show has been picked up by Velocity before eventually transferred to Motortrend, Mark Worman has maintained creative control over the production of the show, control that comes with a high financial percentage for the revenue of the show.

Other than regularly appearing on the show himself, Mark has worked as a writer, a director, and a producer and thus, for a show that has spent over 10 seasons on television with over 90 episodes produced, it is no wonder that his net worth is $1.5 million.

Aside from money earned through the revenue of Graveyard Carz, Mark Worman’s net worth has benefited from also owning the car shop where the show is filmed, Graveyard Carz, along with another car shop, Welby’s Car Care which is also located in Springfield, Oregon where his show is filmed.

How Much Does the Graveyard Carz Star Make?

Mark Worman net worth
Mark Worman with cast members of Graveyard Carz

When it comes to the details of how much Mark Worman makes per episode or on the show as a whole, so far, we do not have public information about it. While it is assumed that the show makes a considerable amount enough to keep it on the air for over ten seasons, the revenue is often shared among other cast members of the show and the final amount that goes into Mark Worman’s pocket to make up his net worth is unknown.

However, with a net worth of $1.5 million with Graveyard Carz considered to be the primary source, he is believed to be making a considerable sum through the show.


Having established Mark Worman’s net worth and how he makes his money, here is a quick look at his background and journey to living the American dream.

Mark was born on the 21st of August, 1962 in Eugene, Oregon to his parents and was raised in Springfield where he continues to call home well into his adult life. His early years weren’t a pretty affair as he lost his father at the age of twelve and his mother battled with health issues, with caused him to drop out of school in the ninth grade to support himself and his family financially.

After a few years of working, he earned his high school diploma through a program at Lane Community College before he went on to satisfy his love for automobiles by buying a 70s Dodge Charger, all by the age of 16.

Since then, Mark Worman has built a considerable and successful life through his dealings in the car world, establishing a car shop, Welby’s Car Care Center in 1985 which eventually morphed into Graveyard Carz.

Today, Mark is no longer just the owner of a car shop but he is also the CEO of a TV production company, The Division Productions.

He is also married and has a daughter, Allysa Rose who also appears on the show. Through his daughter Allysa, Mark Worman is a grandfather with two granddaughters – Emma and Brooklyn.

Outside of his appearances on TV, Mark has a presence on social media across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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