Is Mark Worman Married, Who Is His Wife? Does He Have A Daughter?

Automotive enthusiasts should know a thing or two about Mark Worman. The avid car collector with humble beginnings was catapulted to the limelight following his hit reality TV series, Graveyard Carz, where he and his team of auto experts restore Mopars and wholesomely populate our roads with more beautiful cars. Interestingly, his love for rare cars made him begin saving up for his first vehicle since his teenage days. Although Worman has been able to carve a niche for himself in the auto industry, his personal life has been a subject of several speculations. Find out if Worman actually has a wife or any biological child.

Who Is Mark Worman?

Until his famous show began airing in the early 2010s, Mark Worman mostly lived his life on a low key, hence there is a scarcity of information about his personal life. But here are a few facts: Worman is an Oregon native born in August 1962. The reality star did not exactly have the best of childhoods which may have inspired his drive for success. Mark lost his father while he was still a high school student and the situation threw his family into financial distress. Consequently, he ditched school in his teens and began working at an auto shop in order to make ends meet for his sister and ailing mom.

A natural car enthusiast, Mark learned the nitty-gritty about cars and gained experience as an auto shop mechanic. Details of his career progression are unclear but after learning the ropes while working for others for many years, he became confident enough to start his own business. Worman has a special love for old antic Mopar cars, and it was his desire to give a wrecked 1971 Plymouth Barracuda a second chance at life that inspired his show Graveyard Carz which first aired in 2012.

More than a businessman, Worman also wears the cap of an entertainer and reality TV star. As the creator and executive director of Graveyard Carz, he is the mastermind behind the Velocity Channel’s hit series which chronicles Mark and his team of expert mechanics who specialize in restoring some of the world’s rarest muscle car breeds. Mark Worman continues to live the dream while also entertaining his Mopar-loving fans.

Is Mark Worman Married, Who Is His Wife?

Mark Worman’s career achievements may be an open book but his personal life has remained somewhat of a mystery to the media. Since he became a public figure, there have been queries as to the auto expert’s marital status but Worman has kept that part of his life under wraps. It remains unclear if he has ever been married since Mark has not been romantically linked to anyone, neither has he ever made mention of his wife publicly. Worman is a very private person and as far as we can tell, he may well be happily married or secretly dating.

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Does He Have A Daughter?

Despite the secrecy shrouding Mark Worman’s marital status, the Graveyard Carz creator has expanded his family down generational lines. Fans of the hit reality TV series may already be aware that Alyssa Rose is not just special because she is the only female cast member on the show but also because she is Mark Worman’s daughter. Alyssa’s mother’s identity has never been disclosed and it remains unclear if she is Mark’s only child. While it is believed in some quarters that her parents were never officially married, others speculate that they actually tied the knot but parted ways a long time ago.

Mark Worman and daughter Alyssa Rose
Mark Worman and his daughter Alyssa Rose: image source

Mark Worman’s daughter apparently inherited his genes and love for automobiles and may perhaps continue his legacy in the future. Alyssa Rose was born in 1991 and she began learning about cars and how to fix them right from childhood. As such, it is unsurprising that as an adult, she now works with her father on his reality TV series as the head researcher.

Away from the camera, Alyssa has made her father a proud grandfather to two adorable daughters – Emma and Brooklyn, whom she had with her husband Josh Rose. The Graveyard Carz queen and the Australian footballer were believed to be enjoying a blissful marriage until recently when reports emerged that they have parted ways. The circumstances regarding their split are still sketchy and Alyssa is speculated to have found love again in the arms of retired martial arts fighter, Anthony Johnson. None of these claims has been substantiated.

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