The Story of Mark Bowe, His Wife Cindy Lavender-Bowe‏ and Family Details

Best known for hosting the DIY network’s documentary series Barnwood Builders, Mark Bowe is a popular reality star who, despite not being in the entertainment circle, has been able to create a niche for himself among top famous personalities in the world through his career as a coal miner.

The reality TV star whose mantra is “Work Hard, Be Kind, Take Pride” is a West Virginia University graduate who has achieved a lot as a businessman and craftsman. He is also a passable break-dancer. The businessman came to the limelight after featuring in the show Barnwood Builders with his team and together, they tried to restore old cabins into modern day buildings. Bowe’s multiple skills, alongside hard work and dedication, earned him the acclaim he enjoys today. Let’s get to know more about Mark Bowe.

Mark Bowe Career as a Coal Miner Started Way Back In college

Mark Bowe is a West Virginian native whose birth date is not known, however, some online sources claim he was born in the early 1970s; while some said it was 5th of March, a few others claim he was born on the 6th of March, but it is obvious that he should be hitting his fifties by now. His date of birth is not the only information that has not been made public about the host of Barnwood Builders, Bowe has not also revealed a thing about his parents’ names, their profession, and background, neither has he revealed whether he is an only child or has siblings. As for his ethnicity and nationality, he is white and American respectively.

After high school, Bowe attended West Virginia University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and after graduation, his quest for further academic qualifications took the young Bowe to the university’s College of Business where he received a Masters degree in Safety Management. His interest in coal mining has been an age long thing with him as Bowe was also busy working as a coal miner, as well as a mine safety technician to support himself during his days in college.

He Started His Own Company Immediately After College

The entrepreneurial instincts in him started stirring after he aided one of his friends in tearing down an old barn, which led him to begin his career immediately after his studies. Going into business proper, the young entrepreneur started off his own company named Antique Cabins and Barns. The company was established in 1995 and putting his acquired skills into work, Bowe successfully ran his company. Today, the business has expanded to what we now know as Barnwood Living, bringing into fruition, his dreams of honoring the hard works of American craft pioneers.

The success of his venture made a chance encounter with a moviemaker possible, this eventually gave birth to Mark Bowe’s television show Barnwood Builders staring his loveable, quirky, and talented crew who has been working with the craftsman for years. The show which started in 2013 focuses on six West Virginia craftsmen who are dedicated to restoring cabins and barns. Mark is the show’s lead star and he shares the screen with machine operator Johnny Jett, the crew foreman Sherman Thompson, beam lifter Tim Rose, and Graham Ferguson – a next-generation builder who happens to be the crew’s youngest. With his crew, Mark has successfully restored more than 400 buildings and still counting.

Mark Bowe is equally active on various social media platforms where he keeps amassing followers. He has over 20k followers on Instagram and over 7.5k followers on Twitter. His Facebook page is also liked and followed by over 66k fans.

Mark Bowe Has Earned Both Fame And Fortune

Bowe is among those who will go to any length to achieve their dreams. His devotion towards ensuring that the legacy of America’s pioneer craft ancestors still lives for centuries to come has equally earned him a good measure of wealth in addition to fame.

Although the businessman and reality TV star began making a good income as his company became viable, his annual earnings have been appreciating as time rolls by, and presently, he is said to earn about $300, 000 yearly from his show business; this has brought his net worth to an admirable $1 million. We can say that we are yet to hear the last from this shrewd businessman as his finances may likely take a turn for the better at the next review.

The Craftsman Describes His Wife As His Support System

Mark Bowe
Mark Bowe’s Family – image source

Despite being so popular on television, Mark is not very generous with information about his personal life, especially if it pertains to his family. Outside his unknown parents and siblings, Mark has a family of his own which includes himself, his wife, and their son. The craftsman is married to Cindy Bowe who he always describes as his support system.

The two reportedly knew each other since high school and one may not be far from the truth to refer to them as high school sweethearts. However, they only decided to take their protracted relationship to the ultimate level of matrimony in the mid-90s. The couple has been living together for over two decades. They have a son named Atticus whom they have been raising in their Luxurious Lewisburg WV house.

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Let’s Meet Mark Bowen’s Wife Cindy Bowe

Mark Bowe’s wife was born and brought up in Mountain State in West Virginia. But just like her spouse, Cindy Lavender Bowe’s personal information on her birth details seem to be scrapped from her history books. This has made it nearly impossible for one to tell her exact age. However, we know that Cindy’s pedigree is from a long line of coal miners extending to her parents, who gave birth to her during their teenage years.

Cindy Lavender- Bowe appears to be more interested in politics than business. According to reports, she is a vice president of the Greenbrier Episcopal School board of directors and a committee member of a West Virginia-based flood recovery organization known as Greenbrier Valley Flood Recovery and Relief Committee. Moreso, Cindy is an executive director of the United Way of the Greenbrier Valley. She is also running for the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Aside from her political career, Cindy Bowe has been a pillar of support to her spouse in both the home front and the business. She does not hesitate to lend a helping hand to Bowe when the need arises

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