Mariya Putina Lived Undercover Until Now – Meet Vladimir Putin’s Daughter

The name Mariya Putina may not ring as much bell like that of Vladimir Putin despite the fact that the former is the daughter of the Russian President. The reason for this is because the latter does his best to keep his family away from the media. As mentioned before, Mariya Putina is Putin’s daughter, and like many celebrity kids, her lifestyle is not as relaxed as we imagine. Despite being the daughter of a public figure, Mariya still flies under the radar. Nevertheless, stories about her life always interest millions of people. Read on to find out more about the daughter of the world’s most powerful man.

Mariya Putina was Born in the Old Soviet Union

Mariya Putina was born on April 28, 1985, in then Leningrad, Russian SFSR, now known as Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is the daughter of Lyudmila Putina, a former flight attendant, and Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. Mariya Vladimirovna Putina is the elder of the two known daughters of Russia’s number one citizen. She grew up with her parents, who raised her along with her younger sister, Katerina.

Also nicknamed Marsha, Mariya had her secondary school education at a German-language secondary school based in Troparyovo-Nikulino, Moscow, Russia. But, as her father, Putin became a prominent political figure in Russia, she began to take her classes at home.

She Attended University Under A False Identity

Mariya Putina
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After her secondary school education, Masha went to Saint Petersburg State University. There, she studied biology, before heading over to Moscow State University. At MSU, Mariya Putina studied and graduated with a degree in Medicine. After completing her first and second degree, she began her Ph.D. at the Endocrinology Research Center, also in Moscow. After her academics, Mariya became a pediatric endocrinologist.

Even more interesting than her academic qualifications is the fact that she earned all of them under a false identity. As part of the security protocol to protect her, Mariya earned all her degrees under a pseudonym, Maria Vorontsova. Naturally, the extent to which she used the pseudonym remains a secret. But a cursory search through the internet shows, especially her Wikipedia page, shows her going by her pseudonym.

She is a Medical Advisor to Her Father

Mariya’s career has been mysterious thanks to her shallow public profile since she graduated from the two Universities. Her parents are very protective of their children, and Mariya herself has been careful enough to keep herself away from the media and limelight. Hence details about her work cannot be found. However, looking at how far she has gone in her educational career, there is no doubt that the Saint Petersburg native is living a very successful life.

Her father, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, has expressed how proud he is of his daughters by pointing out how well they have lived their lives and have contributed to the country’s success. Known details about her career include being an advisor to Vladimir Putin on genetic engineering. Her particular focus is on the use of CRISPR technology to create genetically-engineered babies.

Mariya Putina
Mariya Putina during her Ph.D. program: image source

The secrecy surrounding her existence has meant there are tiny details about her career. However, she has made rare appearances on television. She once appeared on the Russian state TV to discuss as a biotechnology expert in December 2018.

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She is also a Medical Entrepreneur

Aside from being her father’s whisperer when it comes to genetic engineering, Mariya Putina is also a businesswoman. Leveraging on her medical knowledge, she is a co-owner of the healthcare company, Nomeko. She came out of the shadows in 2019 to announce she is a shareholder in the multi-million-dollar company.

The medical company, Nomeko, is at the forefront of cancer research. Founded in January 2019, it is developing a medical center worth more than $600 million for cancer research. The center, located in Leningrad, will hold 20,000 patients and carry out more than 10,000 operations a year. Other owners of the company, aside from Mariya, include the insurance company, SOGAZ.

Is Mariya Putina Married to a Putin Aly? 

Despite being quite secretive about their lifestyle, the media is still able to find out more about Putin’s children and love lives. Masha also goes by as Mariya Vladimirovna Faassen, with Fasssen being her husband’s surname. He is a Dutch business mogul named Jorritt Faassen. There is no information regarding how the couple met, where and when they married, Mariya Putina and her husband now have a child whose name is also not yet revealed to the public.

Like his in-law, Jorritt Faassen is a very influential personality in the Russian government. According to reports, he has ties with the Russian government’s gas company, Gazprom, since 2007. He, however, left the company to pursue a business in consulting. Jorritt has since been recognized as MEF Audit consulting vice-chairman.

Her Younger Sister, Katerina, is A Dancer

Mariya Putina
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Mariya Putina has one sister named Katerina Tikhonova. She was born on August 31, 1986. Katerina, like Mariya, had all her education in Russia, where she also developed a strong passion for dance. She is not only a well-known acrobatic dancer but also as a director of the National Intellectual Reserve Centre. She is also a director of the National Intellectual Development Foundation, at Moscow State University.

Katerina, according to Putin, studied Oriental studies, specializing in history and Japanese, at St. Petersburg University. And like her sister, her studies were completed under false identities. Since her graduation, she has participated in several international competitions, some of which she has won. The acrobatic rock’n’roll dancer in 2013, emerged fifth at a world championship event in Switzerland.

Katerina’s surname, Tikhonova, is derived from her grandmother’s name, Yekaterina Tikhonovna Shkrebneva. She is married to the son of a wealthy banker, Kirill Shamalov. Katerina’s father-in-law, Nikolay Shamalov, is a prominent personality in Russia. He is best known as the vice president of Sibur Holding and as the co-owner of a Russian joint-stock bank.

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Mariya Might Have a Second Sibling

While there is enough evidence to show that Mariya Putina has a sibling, Katerina, there are rumors that point to the existence of another. However, if there is any truth to the stories, he or she is likely a step-sibling. Following her parents’ divorce in 2013, her father reportedly began a relationship with the rhythmic gymnast, Alina Kabaeva.

Rumor has it that Alina and Putin share a daughter, born in 2015. The child was reportedly born in Switzerland, at the Santa Anna di Sorgeno. If the rumor is accurate, Mariya Putina would have a second sibling, who is 30 years younger than her.

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