Truth About Mariah Mallad The Famous Cosplayer Known As Momokun

Mariah Mallad is an American cosplayer who has become very famous on social media as hundreds of thousands of fans throng her pages every day to watch her videos and intriguing photos. For the record, cosplay is a performance art in which the players who are called ‘cosplayers’ dress up and act like characters from video games, cartoons, anime or even comic books and TV series. They design costumes that make them look exactly like the characters they are trying to portray and thrill viewers with movements of their bodies.

As a cosplayer, Mariah Mallad, who is more popularly known as Momokun by her many fans, is known to portray anime characters on her Instagram page. She is often seen clad in sultry and revealing dresses which usually catch a lot of attention on social media. Her social media pages are fast growing by the day as her popularity soars.

Mariah Mallad (Momokun)’s Biography

Mariah Mallad was born on the 19th day of the month of September in 1995. She was born in Detroit, a city in the state of Michigan, USA. There is no information about who her parents are at the moment. It has also not been proven if she is an only child or if she has brothers and sisters.

Even though there are virtually no details about her early days or where she lived as a child, as well as what her education status is, it is believed that Mariah Mallad grew up in Michigan with her parents.

While still a child, Mariah Mallad took a deep interest in gaming after apparently watching family members playing. She would go on to turn into an avid gamer. Reports show that she overly loved playing games and could sit for hours just playing away on her computer or phones while connected to other gamers on the internet. This was how the deep drive to turn into a cosplayer was developed.

How Mariah Mallad turned into a Cosplayer

Mariah Mallad was already a great lover of gaming from the time she was still a child and as she grew into a youth, she became an avid gamer who could not do without spending time in front of her computer to play games while connected to other people via the internet. Soon, she started to post game-related contents on social media as a way of expressing herself and it soon metamorphosed into something bigger.

Mariah or Momokun as she is widely called started posting contents on Instagram as a way of catching some fun, however, people soon started paying lots of attention to her that she decided to turn the platform into something more profitable by becoming a cosplayer. She began dressing as her favorite anime characters from the games she played. She would dress as these characters and then post photos of herself in the costumes on her Instagram page to the huge admiration of her followers. Her fame began to spread and her following increased. Today, she has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram and is still fast growing.

Mariah, who has described herself as an ‘erotica model’ is fond of posing almost naked in her photos and this attracts many people to her page to see her. She is also quite creative with her poses. The cosplayer has often been compared with Liz Katz, another famous cosplayer who has built a huge community on social media.

As expected, her popularity which was generated from her work as a cosplayer has already earned her some sponsorship. These sponsorships include one from the Creators Guild, an anime and gamer clothing company.

Her Net Worth

Having begun her career as a cosplayer for quite a while, Mariah Mallad is expected to have made quite a fortune for herself over the years. She has landed endorsement deals with some companies and has modeled for brands in the past and these, without doubt, have fetched her money for the work she does. However, her exact net worth is not quite known at the moment.

She Has Been Accused of Sexual Harassment

Mariah Mallad has been accused of sexual harassment several times before. In 2017, a video emerged showing the cosplayer groping a man’s buttocks without his permission. The video which was uploaded by a YouTuber called Kurt Mayer caused quite an outrage among people who saw it and generated discussions among fans about her obscene actions.

The following year, in 2018, Mariah was accused of sexual harassment again, this time by a Twitter user. At the time, a promotional video had been posted on a Twitter page to announce a meet and greet between Mariah Mallad and her fans. Responding to the video, the Twitter user accused Mariah of grabbing her backside without her consent at a previous convention. That same day, another Twitter user also accused Mariah of touching her without permission. The allegations became so widespread that the Creators Guild, who were the organizers of the meet and greet, eventually canceled the event.

More allegations of sexual harassment against Mariah surfaced shortly after, when Repzion, a YouTuber released a new video, alleging that Mariah harasses fellow cosplayers at conventions. The video went viral and garnered a lot of views and also directed a lot of criticism towards Mariah. She has, however, apologized for her acts.

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Where Does She Live?

Although she was born in Detroit, Michigan, Mariah Mallad now lives in the city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. The cosplayer continues to actively engage in her cosplaying business on her social media pages, winning more fans to herself.

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