Marc Schauer – Everything To Know About Laura Linney’s Husband

The popularity and respectability of the actress, Laura Linney is unquestionable. She is a part of a generation of actresses whose impact will be felt when they retire permanently from the industry. The excellence of her work an iconic actress is shown by her collection of awards that boasts of wins and nominations in all the major movie awards, including the Tony Awards. We’ve decided to observe her personal life, through her husband, Marc Schauer whom she married in 2009.

Unlike Laura Linney, Marc Schauer is a member of a less glamorous industry – real estate. While it certainly boasts of its own lucrative features, it does not compare to the global recognition and fame that comes with a successful career in Hollywood. Read below to learn more about Laura Linney’s husband – Marc Schauer.

Marc Schauer’s Biography

The outsider nature of Marc Schauer’s profession hasn’t kept him from being one of the more admired spouses in Hollywood. He was born on the 5th of April, 1960 in Telluride, Colorado. Much cannot be said of his childhood or his parents but it is believed that after he was born in Colorado, the family made a conscious decision to relocate to New York.

In New York, Marc Schauer went through the journey of the average American child, attending high school and participating in school activities, stopping just short of a college education and pursuing a career in real estate instead.

Starting a career as a real estate man without a college degree had its own challenges but Marc Schauer continued his pursuit of becoming a real estate magnate. With perseverance and his ingenuity, he has built a successful career that has seen him become a worthy husband, both socially, financially and emotionally for one of Hollywood’s royalty.

His wife, Laura Linney, on the other hand, has a more storied professional journey. Starting out in theatre, she has worked across all mediums of filmmaking, including TV and Film. Her notable works include stage productions of Six Degrees of Separation, and in TV through Tales of the City, Wild Iris, Ozark, and The Big C. In Film, her notable credits include Love Actually, The Savages, Sully, Congo, You Can Count on Me and a couple more others.

While the awards in real estates are far in between, there is an abundance of awards in the acting industry and Marc Schauer’s wife, Laura Linney has had her name in all four major awards (Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe), both as a winner and as a nominee.

Personal Life

Marc Schauer
Marc Schauer with his wife, the actress Laura Linney at an event

Marc Schauer began his journey of love with Laura Linney after they met during the Telluride Festival in Colorado in the early 2000s. Marc was assigned to Laura to be her guild in the city and attend to her needs considering Marc himself was made a liaison between the city and the festival.

Even though Laura is four years older than her husband, having been born in 1964, it did not stop the birth of the relationship between Marc Schauer and Laura Linney, which has only blossomed ever since it started.

The relationship took another step in May 2009 when they walked down the aisle to become husband and wife. It was the culmination of two years of engagement.

The wedding could have been his first and but it was definitely Laura’s second, having been married to David Adkins for five years between 1995 and 2000, but the freshness of their love made it a beautiful ceremony graced by their family and friends, including the Taken actor, Liam Neeson, who walked Laura down the aisle.

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Marc Schauer and Laura Linney further had their relationship deepened when they welcomed their first child, Bennett Armistead Schauer on the 8th of January 2014. The family continues to reside in Brooklyn, New York.

How Much Marc Schauer And His Wife Are Worth

As mentioned in the introduction, Marc Schauer is a member of the real estate industry and it is quite a lucrative industry. However, unlike the obscenely wealthy members of the industry, his net worth is far more difficult to determine but considering the caliber of influence and prestige that led him into the vicinity of one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, Marc is estimated to be worth at least, over $1 million.

His wife, Laura Linney on the other hand, has built a career with solid financial income to the tune of $15 million.

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