Manuela Testolini – Bio & Facts About Eric Benet’s Wife and Prince’s Ex

Manuela Testolini is a Canadian-American woman who is basically an entrepreneur and a charity worker but became famous through her marriage to the late pop sensation Prince Rogers Nelson. Although their marriage ended in a divorce, they continued as friends until the singer died in April 2016.

Currently, in her second marriage with the R&B and neo-soul singer and songwriter Eric Benet Jordan, Manuela continues her business life and volunteer work for charities. Yet, there is a lot more that you need to know about the diva which you are going to read all about here.

Early Life

She was born a Canadian on September 19, 1976, and in Toronto. Although details about Manuela’s family background are lacking so far, she is said to have been a talented dancer from her earliest days and was known for regularly entertaining her family with her dancing skills. Aside from this, we do not have any information about her childhood and family background. This includes her basic education history because she has become famous only through her marriage. Neither has she shared these details to the media herself. So, while we still dig for these important details, let’s get busy with the information we have already.

Manuela Testolini graduated with a degree in law and sociology from York University, Toronto, Canada. Then, she was working as a consultant for the charity organization Love4One Another belonging to Prince when a relationship gradually developed between her and the singer. Soon, their relationship led to their marriage which kicked off with a wedding on Christmas Day of 2001 in Toronto Canada. Prince had recently divorced his first wife Mayte Garcia when the wedding took place. At that time, Manuela was 24 while Prince was 43. Manuela took up Prince’s last name ‘Nelson’ during the course of the marriage. However, the two of them eventually filed for a divorce in 2007, stating it was an amicable arrangement. Then, true to their word, they stayed friendly afterward until Prince died of painkiller overdose on April 21, 2016.

Manuela Testolini Eric Benet
Manuela Testolini and her husband Eric Benet: Image source

After the divorce, Manuela Testolini stayed single for about two years and continued to volunteer for Prince’s charity Love44One Another. Then, in 2009, a romantic relationship started between her and the R&B star Eric Benet. About two years later again, the love birds tied the knot on July 31, 2011. By that time, Eric already had a daughter through his ex-girlfriend, Tami Marie Stauff. So, with the marriage between her and Eric contracted, Manuela began to play the role of a stepmother for Eric’s daughter named India who was 20 years old then.

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During their wedding in July, Manuela was already pregnant with their first baby. The baby girl finally arrived four days to Christmas Day that year (December 21, 2011) and was named Lucia Bella Benet. Three years down the line, the couple welcomed another baby girl who got named Amoura Lynn Benet.

Other Interesting Facts About Eric Benet’s Wife and Prince’s Ex

Her Business Life

Manuela Testolini owns a Canada-based company named Gamillah Holdings. It is probably a partnership with her ex-husband Prince though. The company is in a number of businesses such as real estate and movie production. They also produce a line of scented candles. Aside from this, a Youtube video that suggests Manuela either owns or has a stake in Altru Health Systems, a not-for-profit health facility headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Manuela Testolini is Media-shy

Manuela Testolini is an extremely private person. She said she disliked the spotlight her association with Prince brought her but only tolerated it because it helped her business and her charity work. In line with this observation, the Canadian woman has no social media presence despite her marriage to two topnotch celebrities. Although there is an Instagram account registered with her name, the posts on the page suggest it does not originate from her. For instance, on June 27, 2019, a picture of her, her husband and kids were posted and tagged ‘Eric Benet and family’ which is unlikely for Eric Benet’s wife to use as a title on her own page. In addition, the page has a relatively poor following for a person of that standing: just over 10,000 followers.

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What is more? The profile of the account describes Manuela as ‘founder of @perfectworldfdn’ by which is clearly meant The perfect World Foundation. But the animal/nature conservation non-governmental organization was founded in 2010, not by Manuela Testolini, but by the former Swedish composer and singer Ragnhild Jacobsson and her husband Lars Valentin Jacobsson.


Manuela Testolini resides in Los Angeles California with her husband and children. But she also spends time in her home country of Canada since she still has both a well-knit family and a thriving business there.

Chinedu Nweke
A graduate of Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome, Italy, Chinedu Desmond Nweke is a computer teacher, writer and a humanist.


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