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Mandy Kay is an American model who has gained enormous fame on social media because of her boldness in showing off her body. Over the years, the model has attracted many people to her platform because of the sensual photos and videos she posts of herself.

Mandy Kay has appeared in some men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine including the world-famous Playboy magazine. In fact, she was named as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month for October of 2014, a development which helped to increase her popularity among the many fans of x-rated models.


Mandy Kay was born on the 14th of January in 1996. The model was born in the city of Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. The identity of Mandy’s parents has not been revealed. Also, it is not known if she has any siblings with who she grew up with in Dallas.

Details about the high school or university where Mandy Kay had her education have remained quite elusive. It is believed that she attended high school, however, it is not known if she had any kind of college education.

Mandy Kay has always been interested in modeling. According to her, she developed a serious passion for modeling when she was just about 8 years old. However, it was quite a while later that she got her chance to actually start modeling when she met with Playboy executives and finally appeared in their magazine.

6 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Mandy Kay

1. How She Started Modeling For Playboy Magazine

Having already developed a deep passion for modeling since she was just 8, Mandy Kay began to seek for avenues where she can model and show off her talent. She finally got her chance in 2014 when Playboy came calling her way.

Talking about how she got the chance to model for Playboy, Mandy Kay revealed that she was in Texas when she heard that Playboy was holding an audition in Dallas to pick new models who will appear on the pages of the popular magazine. She quickly attended the audition and luckily for her, she was picked.

In May, 2014, Mandy Kay finally did her first nude photo shoot for Playboy. Being a beautiful girl with an attractive body, her shoot became very successful to the extent that some months later in October, she was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month.

Her success with Playboy gave her lots of exposure and she became famous on social media with many people seeking her out.

2. She Has Appeared Adult-Rated Videos

Over the course of her career, Mandy Kay has appeared in adult-rated videos. When the model turned 18 years old, she turned her attention to making x-rated videos and used several aliases while making them. Some of the aliases she used include Midnight Mandy, Mandykay18, Amanda Nance, and More Mandy.

As expected, many fans of Mandy Kay made sure they sought out her videos; this ensured that she got even more famous.

3. Mandy Kay Is Also A Dancer

Mandy Kay is not just a model, she is also a dancer who loves to twerk. In fact, many people have described her as a ‘twerk dance queen’ on social media. She has often made videos showing her twerking to popular songs. These videos were posted on Instagram and Vine and were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. She usually made these videos with a colleague of hers called Jessica Vanessa.

As her dance videos got more popular, her fame continued to soar through social media with many people sharing her content to their own pages.

4. Net Worth

There is no doubt that Mandy Kay has made quite some fortune for herself over the years with her involvement in modeling. Over the years, she has become very popular on social media and has appeared on magazine pages, However, at the moment, her exact net worth has not been revealed yet. With time, the figure may emerge.

5. Relationship

Although Mandy Kay is popular online, very little is known about who she is romantically involved with. The model has succeeded in keeping that part of her life completely away from the prying eyes of the public. Her fans believe she is in love with a man but is keeping his identity hidden from the public. However, this has not been confirmed.

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6. Height & Weight

Being a model, Mandy Kay sure knows how to take good care of her body. She currently stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 132.2 lbs.

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