Man Vs Food Casey Webb, The Competitive Eater That Succeeded Adam Richman

Man v. Food has been a part of American television programming for over ten years since it premiered in December 2008, and in that period, the show has experienced a couple of changes. First, it moved from the Travel Channel to the Cooking Channel, and it has also changed its presenter, going from Adam Richman to the current presenter, Casey Webb, who took over the presenting of the show in its fifth season.

Adam Richman was a part of the show from its inception to its fourth season, during which fans of the show got to know and love the TV personality. With Casey Webb taking over, here is everything fans of Man v. Food need to know about the new presenter of the Cooking Channel show.

Who is Casey Webb?

Casey Webb is an actor and producer who was born in Little Silver, New Jersey. He grew up in his birth city, attending high school and studying up to college level. Not much is known about his parents, but according to his social media handles, his parents are divorced and he has a close relationship with his mother.

He began his career in the entertainment industry in 2008 which is coincidentally the same year the Man v. Food show premiered. Casey’s acting career took off with his appearance in a recurring role as Richard McGillicutty in The Speed Creeper. His next credit came via the short films, Little Pink Balloon and The Roommate where he played unnamed characters.

Casey Webb’s filmography also includes minor roles in projects like Missmatch, CollegeHumor’s Original episode, Everyday Acting: Seeing an Ex, Boardwalk Empire where he appeared as a cop, and Inside Amy Schumer. Others include Part Timers, Gender Bender, McDick, Lotto, The Elevator and a few others.

The Man v. Food presenter is also a producer, who has worked on projects like Keeping Up with the Greensteens, Mommy Menthol, Jedi Club, McDick and a few others.

Man v. Food Career

After about a decade working as an actor, Casey Webb began his career as a Television host in August 2017. Before Man v. Food, Casey had a career in the food industry that stretches back to his teenage years when he worked in restaurants at the age of 14 doing dishes.

As an adult, he worked as a bartender, a general manager of a restaurant and was once an entrepreneur, dealing in the sale of wine and spirits. Casey Webb was working as a bartender in Brooklyn when he was offered the role of hosting the Man v. Food show.

Casey’s replacement of Adam Richman wasn’t well-received, particularly by fans who had missed the show after it went off air amid Adam Richman’s departure. However, Casey Webb has stuck with the show and kept it among one of the most followed reality shows. So far, he has spent over four seasons on the show, taking on the Food army in over 46 episodes.

Casey Webb
Casey during one of his several Food Challenges so far

In his first season, he recorded five wins for Man and five wins for Food. In his second season, Casey Webb recorded his first victory, totaling eight wins over Food’s six. This further slumped to a 7-7 draw in his third season.

Since Casey Webb began appearing on the show, he has appeared on other shows like The Dan Patrick Show, Beat Bobby Flay, Ca$h Cab, Live! with Kelly and a couple of others.

Personal Life

Casey Webb, despite being a beloved presenter of Man v. Food, has continued to keep his personal life away from the media. Either that or he is very much a single man.

However, he has been known to be in a couple of relationships in the past, most notably with a certain Elle Dee. They were supposedly together between 2012 and 2013.

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Other Facts About Him

Before he joined Man v. Food, Casey Webb had been a part of food challenges as a kid. He competed in local pizza eating challenges, winning a couple of shirts.

As a presenter for the show, Casey reportedly earns a little more than the $35,000 per episode Adam Richman earned while he was on the show. Casey, today, is believed to have a net worth estimated at $1 million.

He has a significant presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Twitter – @Caseyscall, Instagram – @c_webb, Facebook – Caseys Call.

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