Revelations of Malina Weissman’s Career Transition, Mother & Family

It doesn’t take anything less than being a top model to have posed for such big brands as DKNY, H&M, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, and the likes. Therefore, we can say without any fear of contradiction that the New York-based teen-model Malina Weissman is a typical example of what a supermodel should be. And, as it often happens to such people, she has also become a movie star of note, having credits in projects as sublime as Netflix’s black comedy-drama web series, A Series of Unfortunate Events and in commercials for such top-notch brands as Purell and Maybelline.

Malina has also been powering as an activist, fighting for the rights of women and animals. All these great facts considered side by side with the fan base she commands on social media, indicates that the bright rising star is bound to remain relevant for a very long time. How could she have achieved so much across so many career concerns in so short a time? And what are possible family and other influences that went into shaping her for such a supersonic career speed? Here are big revelations you can bank on about the teenage trailblazer’s life and career.

A Brief of Malina Weissman’s Background

To start with, she was born as Malina Opal Weissman on March 12, 2003, in New York City where she was also raised alongside her sister Ayla. Ayla too, although she’s not half as famous as Malina, is also making waves on social media. She is an Instagram sensation best known for posting fashion and lifestyle photos. Quite significantly, she was born on March 12, 2000, sharing the exact same birth date with her younger sister Malina. Malina Weissman’s sister Ayla gained online fame in 2015 after posting charming photos on social media. She mingles with other top social media stars such as Declanglo. Surely, their environment has a hand in who these two sisters have become.

An American national by birth, Malina Weissman’s ethnicity is a mixture of Ashkenazi Jewish and German. But we have no further detail about her father except when on June 18, 2017, the teenage sweetheart shared a Fathers’ Day greeting, saying how much she loved him.

Malina Weissman and her mother
Malina and her mother: image source

As for her mom, it has become public knowledge that she was (and possibly still is) a professional model just like her daughter. Then, it is also widely known that she raised Malina and her sister alone. Indeed, it is told that it was Malina’s mom who signed her to her own modeling agency while she (Malina) was still eight years of age. However, it is quite ironic that no one seems to know Malina Weissman’s mother’s name nor the name of the modeling agency she worked for and connected her little daughter to. In any case, what matters most now is that it was her love, care, and support for her daughters that have given them the leverage that has helped them become so successful so early.

With the exquisite looks and the brilliant brains she obviously inherited from her mom as well as the early career support she got from her, who still wonder how come Malina Weissman started so early? Indeed, stories tell of how she began to manifest a desire and predilection towards modeling and acting as early as when she was 2 years old only! Only an influence as deep as a genetic inheritance could have afforded her that.

Details of Her Career Accomplishments

We already told you that Malina Weissman was signed to her mom’s modeling agency when she was only 8 years old. So, as everyone should expect, her first work was with her mother’s agency. Unfortunately, as earlier observed, the names of both Malina’s mom and her modeling agency to which she signed her little daughter to, are not available to us right now.

Malina Weissman started out by appearing in TV commercials for such brands as ACT Mouthwash,  My Little Pony, Maybelline, and Purell. Then, as she grew older, her modeling resume boasts of working for major designers and brands such as Levi’s, H&M, Calvin Klein, Benetton, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, and hosts of others.

Then the budding model began to express her eagerness to try out acting. When she was appearing in TV commercials in her younger days, she was already – in a sense – involved in both modelings and acting at once. So, in 2014 at the age of 11, she grabbed an opportunity offered her to play young ‘April O’Neil’ in the superhero film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Megan Fox played the grown-up version of the character). Her performance in the science fiction action comedy film got her the favorable attention of hundreds of movie producers in Hollywood.

Thus, in 2016, she was included in the cast of Nine Lives and also in the film, Thirsty as ‘Rebecca Brand’. Malina Weissman has been playing ‘Violet Baudelaire’ in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events since 2017. In addition to that, she played the young version of ‘Melissa Benoist’ in the TV superhero series Supergirl.

Although many of her fans are not aware of it, Malina Weissman has also taken to singing. While we can’t yet put a finger on any of her studio titles, we spotted this 2019 video of her singing in a very melodious voice:


How Much Money has Malina Weissman Made so Far?

Malina has achieved so much financially. Although we can’t tell exactly how much she has earned from every single gig of hers, we learned that she collects an average of $2.4 million every year in salary. This should not be a surprise if you realize that some of her movies have been hugely commercially successful. For instance, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is reportedly the highest-grossing film in the TMNT film series after it earned a whopping $493 million. As for Nine Lives, it reportedly grossed over $57 million even when it failed to meet the expectation of most critics.

Yet, acting is just one stream of income out of many that accrue to the budding star. She has also earned a lot from her numerous big-brand modeling gigs which we mentioned earlier. And, with over 697,000 followers on Instagram, almost 26,000 on Twitter, and about 8,000 YouTube subscribers, she is gradually upping her social media influencer status with the prospect that she would also be well paid by the social media companies for the traffic she brings to them.

With all these considered, Malina Weissman’s net worth is currently estimated at $7 million—an amount most grown-up models can only imagine. More so, with the speed at which this 5 ft 4 inches tall star is gaining ground in the showbiz, her fortune is expected to increase significantly in the nearest future.

This is What We Know About Malina’s Love Life

Malina Weissman is fast approaching her adulthood, therefore, it is not surprising that tongues are beginning to wag about her possible romantic escapades. So, what has she been up to in this regard?

Well, not much is known about Malina’s love life. The stunner who is active on both Facebook and Instagram doesn’t share such details about herself. Instead, she uses these platforms to showcase her fun, happy, and regular sides and to promote her movie appearances.

There have been rumors of her dating her fellow A Series of Unfortunate Events kid star Louis Hynes. However, it turned out they were just friends. Considering her age, it wouldn’t be wrong for one to assert that this maiden is still too young to be entangled romantically. Yet, all things are possible. So, keep checking here because, as soon as we get any news in this regard, we are going to share it in this space.

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