Malcolm Ford – Biography, Family Life & Details About Harrison Ford’s Son

Malcolm Ford is the son of veteran actor Harrison Ford but he is most likely not inspired by the actor as he is more focused on carving out a comfortable place for himself in the music industry than being in movies. While his name may independently not ring a resounding bell yet, especially when it comes to celebrity orbit, the American singer is working hard to become a success. For now, he enjoys a fair share of fame after he created a promising band named Dough Rollers that has toured with a number of famous names such as John Mellencamp, among others.

Malcolm Ford’s Biography

One of the offsprings of Late Melissa Mathison, and her ex-husband actor Harrison Ford, Malcolm Ford was born on October 3, 1987, in the USA. Though his mother was a screenwriter and his father an actor, Malcolm grew up not acutely eager about fame, which was probably caused by his troubling childhood following his parents’ divorce. The same reason he had spent his high school days living a wayward lifestyle. His rebellious lifestyle later pushed him to drop out of school and turn into a drug addict.

During that time, he crossed path with Jack Byrne in New York, son of actors Gabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin. They quickly became friends and Byrne decided to take him on guitar lessons. Malcolm returned the favour by teaching Byrne how to do drugs. In 2008, their closeness led to the creation of a music group named Dough Rollers. At first, it was just the two of them but later on, they received a new entrant in the person of vocalist Julia Tepper. But Julia left in 2010, shortly after they released their first album which featured 10 tracks of various music genres such as country, blues, etc.

The group has gone on to release its second album named Someday Baby and in recent years, signed a recording deal with Third Man Records owned by Jack White, a notable songwriter. In 2014, they released their first EP titled Gone Baby Gone. 

Malcolm Ford’s Family

Malcolm Ford
Harrison and Malcolm Ford – image source

Malcolm comes from a broken home. The union of his parents, which started on March 14, 1983, didn’t survive past 2001 after producing Malcolm and his younger sister Georgia.

Following the divorce, the depressed Malcolm became an alcoholic. By age 17, he had developed the habit of using hard drugs. Thankfully, he later got redeemed through a family therapy in rehab in 2008. Sadly, his mother Mathison died in 2015 after a battle with neuroendocrine cancer.

Harrison’s first marriage to Mary Marquardt, a chef, provided Malcolm two half-siblings named Ben Ford and Willard Ford.

Willard is 18 years older than Malcolm. He is a keen fitness trainer who owns a gym in Los Angeles that goes by the name Strong Sports Gym. Ben Ford who is 20 years older than Malcolm toed the same path as his mother. He is a successful chef and restaurateur. Malcolm’s sister Georgia followed his father’s footstep to become an actress. Some of her films are True Story and American Milkshake. Though she doesn’t have a pivotal film credit like him yet, she has all the room to grow in her field.

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Facts About Harrison Ford’s Son

He Has An Adopted Brother

Malcolm has an adopted brother named Liam whom he gained from his father’s third union to actress Calista Flockhart.

He Was Very Close To His Mom

Malcolm was very close to his mom which was one of the reasons he couldn’t handle his parents’ divorce, hence, resorting to drugs. Her death was a heavy blow on him.

Relationship Timeline

If there was anything Malcolm took from his father, it would be being secretive about his personal life. But it is known that he dated Jessica Stam, a top-earning model the same year he debuted his music career.

Net Worth

Malcolm is still rising in the music scene but so far, his net worth is estimated at $1million which is believed he got from his music tours and being the son of an actor worth $230 million.

He Is Quite Different From His Father

Malcolm is not just different from his father in terms of his career but also his physical looks. He rocks untidy red hair and has countless tattoos stamped on his body.

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