Maggie Johnson Biography & Facts About Clint Eastwood’s Ex-Wife

Once proclaimed the woman after actor Clint Eastwood’s heart, Maggie Johnson is basically famous as the former life partner of the veteran actor, who cultivated an image as a brilliantly notorious womanizer. She was married to Eastwood before he even started his acting career but along the way, his career, which presented him with many women, took the best of him.

After cheating on her with 15 women, allegedly, Maggie parted ways with him. Their split, which took place after over 24 years of marriage happened in November 1978 in what can be called an example of “annoyingly peaceful” divorce in which the two appear to be cordial after separation. The split transformed Maggie from a tabloid fixture to a random super-private woman. Eastwood, on the other hand, though not unexpected, went from promiscuity to distribution of his genes and reportedly ended up with about 7 children – five daughters and two sons.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Maggie has her birthdate recorded as 30th November 1930. She was born in an unknown state in the United States. Her full name is Magaret Neville Johnson. Details of her early life are not known as the former model has provided no clues regarding that. However, there are whispers that she grew up in Califonia. Prior to her entrance into the public radar caused by her marriage, she was a secretary for an automobile parts supplier based in Los Angeles. It was around that time that she met her beau Clint Eastwood who is now elderly and living in the mess of his past.

Maggie also dabbled into modelling around that time and featured in a number of commercials for some famous brands. She subsequently developed an inclination to acting and launched her career with an appearance in the 1967 TV series, Mannix in which she played the role of Sarah Toller. That same year, she was cast in the TV series Ironside as Beth Armstead. However, her acting career was short-lived, ending in those two roles.

How Tall is Maggie Johnson?

A radiant gray blonde with charming blue eyes and elegant facial structure, Maggie Johnson has sustained her beauty even in old age. As a young woman, she had a slim frame and this hasn’t changed a bit. Her height isn’t specified but apparently, she has an average height.

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Other Juicy Facts About Clint Eastwood’s Ex-Wife

When Maggie Started Dating Clint Eastwood, He Was In Another Relationship

Maggie Johnson
Maggie and Clinton – image source

Maggie and Clinton met in June of 1952 on a blind date and fell in love instantly. Around the same time, Eastwood had a mystery woman in his life who later became pregnant and delivered a baby girl. With the new dad already lost in another blossoming romantic entanglement, the woman legally gave out the baby. As their romance got stronger, both Maggie and Clinton decided to pursue something serious. In October of that year, Maggie became his fiancee and in December the couple tied the knot in Pasadena.

Maggie’s Marriage To Eastwood Was Far From Perfect

Despite their strong chemistry and whirlwind romance, which somewhat made Eastwood not to bother about her first daughter who was put up for adoption, Eastwood couldn’t just stay in love with Maggie. He was unfaithful to her most of the time with different women, including married actress Sandra Locke who would later co-habit with him, Jacelyn Reeves, a flight attendant, and actress Mamie Van Doren. The one that hit Maggie like a ton of brick was his affair with Roxanne Tunis, a stunt woman he had met during the filming of his hit show Rawhide.

The affair produced a daughter named Kimber. She was born on June 17, 1964, and was named Kimber Tunis at birth as a cover-up to deceive the general public. The media wallowed in the state of ignorance until 1989 when National Enquirer revealed the long-held secret.

Though Maggie Was Not Ignorant of Eastwood’s Many Affairs She Stuck With Him

The news of Tunis and Eastwood’s child was a devastating one for Maggie who was suffering from hepatitis at the time. Consequently, she separated from her husband who then went wild with his infidelities. By mid-1960s, Maggie made up her mind to bury the hatchet. She took Eastwood back and this gave rise to the birth of their daughters Kyla Eastwood and Alison Eastwood. Eastwood was unrepentant and continued with his promiscuity even after their union was restored. This further gravitated Maggie Johnson to walk away from him the second time. Their divorce was concluded in the late 1970s.

Maggie Was Rewarded Handsomely

Maggie was settled with $25 million but the money didn’t come immediately. It took the ex-couple six whole years to reach a consensus following their legal separation.

Her Two Daughters With Clint Eastwood Are Successful

Though her marriage ended in shambles, the two children it produced are doing great career-wise. Her first daughter Kyle Eastwood is a jazz musician while Alison, like her mother, is a fashion model and actress.

Maggie Found Love Again After Her Divorce

Shortly after divorcing Eastwood, Maggie found love again. The name of the man is Henry Whyberg and they wedded in 1985. The pair shared a strong bond during their marriage but things would later become very sour for the couple. In 1989, the union crashed. Maggie has since shielded her personal information from the media. The latest gist about her was when she graced her ex-husband’s biographic drama, Invictus, in 2013 and also the wedding of her daughter Alison in 2013.

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