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The rise in popularity of the superhero genre has given an opportunity to a number of actors and actresses to make their names in Superhero Movies or TV Shows with established audiences. Names like Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin have become household names through lead roles in major superhero shows. Another name that has gotten a push in its popularity is Madison McLaughlin, who has played the character Artemis on Arrow.

By the time McLaughlin appeared on Arrow, she had appeared in a number of productions across other genres including police procedurals like Chicago P.D and the drama, Girl Meets World, but it is her appearance on Arrow that has catapulted her into another level in her journey to becoming a superstar actress. Learn all about her and her career so far below.

Madison McLaughlin Biography & Age

A lot of people have to wait till they become an adult to know what they want to do with their lives while some even go their whole lives never figuring it out. A rare minority, like Madison McLaughlin, however, discover it right from their childhood and spend the rest of their lives living their dream.

Born on the 5th of November, 1995, Madison McLaughlin was already acting in front of cameras after two years of being born, appearing in local commercials in her home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She was born Madison Blaine McLaughlin to parents whose identities are unknown but who dedicated and supported her interest in becoming an actress. With their help, she began to take acting classes at the age of six in preparation for life as an actress.

McLaughlin’s passion for filmmaking right from her childhood days is so great that she has produced her own short films, acquiring knowledge about other aspects of filmmaking, outside of her primary focus as an actress.

When her peers looked towards middle school and a few years of high school life, Madison McLaughlin, at the age of 11 relocated to Los Angeles in order to her take her acting career to the next level. Her Los Angeles production appearances began in theatre and stage plays, with examples such as the Sound of Music. She also appeared in on-screen productions like commercials and music videos.

Her first credit came in 2009, at the age of 14, when she played an unknown character in the TV Show, Dangerous Women. She made another appearance in another short film, Don’t Touch It as Amy in the same year.

Madison appeared in a number of short films and minor roles before 2011 when she got a significant role as Annabeth Lisbon in the show, The Mentalist. Thus, began a string of appearances for Madison McLaughlin in a string of TV Shows as a guest star, from NCIS to Supernatural to Teen Wolf, Girl Meets World, Mad Men, Modern Family, and many others.

Her first recurring role was in Major Crimes in 2013, when she played Kris Slater, appearing in five episodes of the show. She got another recurring role in 2015 when she was cast as Michelle Sovana in Chicago P.D and her biggest role yet in Arrow, as Evelyn Sharp/Artemis.

Her work in film, includes Stacy’s Mom, Isabel, Chasing Nightmares and a couple more others.

Madison McLaughlin
Madison McLaughlin as Artemis in Arrow

Who Are Her Siblings?

Madison McLaughlin comes from a big family. She was raised alongside her siblings; Marissa, Mallory, and Mahrynn McLaughlin, all of whom are younger than she is.

Her parents’ divorce has also gifted her with another sibling, a solitary brother, Taylor McLaughlin, from her father’s subsequent relationship.

Other Facts about Madison McLaughlin

1. Madison McLaughlin was once a contestant in the Miss California Teen USA beauty pageant. She contested in the beauty pageant in 2009.

2. She is in a relationship with Dalton Rapattoni. The relationship began in March 2017 and the couple has been going strong ever since, as shown by the modern evidence of a solid relationship – regular appearances in each other’s social media posts.

3. She has a height of 5 feet 2 inches and a body weight of 52 kg. Her body measurement is measured thus – 34, 27 and 35 inches for her bust, waist and hip size.

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4. Madison McLaughlin has also used her rising platform to support charity organizations like Shane’s Inspiration and Global Genes. Both organizations are committed to helping disabled people.

5. She has a noticeable mole under her left eye.

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