All About Maddy Belle The Instagram Star And Raunchy Model

The internet may have started out as a tool for the United States military, but it has grown to serve a much larger purpose than to protect America. Today, the internet is a marketplace, a playground for billions of people and a community. As a marketplace, it has enabled the sale of goods and services in different forms. One of them is modeling, which is now done primarily via social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat. On these two platforms, Maddy Belle has become a star.

Maddy Belle was born in an era of social media popularity and she has taken massive advantage of the new kind of job that has emerged from the innovation. Today, as a model, she has modeled products such as bikinis and lingerie from different brands, advertising to millions who follow her on various social media platforms.

Take a look at her background and journey to fame.

Who is Maddy Belle?

When Maddy Belle was born, one can imagine that her parents had no idea she would be someone with over 2 million fans. Although they might not approve the way she has achieved this, this has been the reality of their daughter whom they gave birth to on the 7th of January 1994 somewhere in the United States of America.

As far as we know, Maddy Belle completed her high school education before she was swept away by the opportunities that laid in social media fame. We cannot tell if she proceeded to college but we know she graduated from Solon High School in Solon, Ohio, suggesting that she might have been born there.

Whatever decisions or circumstances led Maddy Belle to model, it took root sometime in 2015 when she opened her Instagram page on the 25th of September 2015. According to the available report, Maddy Belle actually began her career as a model in 2014 before she decided to take advantage of the popularity of social media in 2015.

Today, she has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, a figure that eclipses several notable actors and actresses. She also has a notable presence on other social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. On Twitter, where she tweets via @MaddybelleTV, she has over 90 thousand followers and in her YouTube channel – Maddy Belle she has over 19 thousand subscribers with over 300,000 views. She dedicates her YouTube page to vlogging and sharing excerpts from her globe-trotting life.

Maddy Belle’s popularity and high follower count has been aided by her brand as a semi-nude and nude model. Through this, she has become a worthy destination for lingerie brands and bikini brands who wish to advertise their products.

Other than nude modeling, Maddy Belle is also a recognized actress. Although it is not the primary focus of her professional career, she has starred in the film, Wally Got Wasted, playing a nameless character credited as ‘Wally Fan #1’.

Her Net Worth

Mandy Belle
Mandy Belle and other models during a photoshoot for a magazine

One of the things the advent of the internet has achieved is to create non-traditional means for income earning. Not only has its creation subverted a lot of the principles that have been considered necessary in earning money, but it has also done so with relative ease. Today, you no longer need a college degree to earn an income on the internet and often times, you are more likely to earn more, as shown by Maddy Belle who is believed to be worth over $200,000.

She has earned this significant net worth through band endorsement, product advertisements, modeling and ad revenue from her YouTube channel.

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Personal Life

Considering the style of modeling Maddy Belle is into, in a world of monogamy and conservatism, being in a relationship might be challenging. As far as we know, Maddy Belle is a single woman, even though her comments section on Instagram suggests thousands of men and women are attracted to her.

Maddy Belle’s Family

Details about the family of Maddy Belle are very much unknown at this time. Although she maintains a good relationship with her fans and has good engagement rating, she has managed to keep several aspects of her personal life away from public view.

Another possible reason is the chance of a conflict between herself and her parents as a result of her brand of social media modeling.

Other Interesting Facts About The Instagram Star

  1. According to a DNA test she shared with her fans, Maddy Belle has German and Filipino origins.
  2. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall.
  3. On Snapchat, she posts via the account, maddybelletv.
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