Macaiyla – Everything To Know About Tyler1’s Girlfriend

A very beautiful girl with an endowed body, Macaiyla is an Instagram star who has become a much talked about personality in some social media circles because of her enchanting looks. She is known to share hot photos on Instagram which often show her wearing skimpy dresses, exposing her thighs and other sensual body parts to the admiration of her followers. With nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, Macaiyla has managed to build a community of loyal followers who often get enthusiastic when she posts new photos on her page. They subsequently turn to her comment section to tell her just how awesome she looks.

Apart from being known as an Instagram star, Macaiyla is also popular as the girlfriend of Tyler1, an American streamer who has grown his career to become one of the most popular League of Legends online personalities. In fact, it was her romantic relationship with Tyler1 that brought her to the limelight. They have been together for a while and have been going strong.

Biography Of Macaiyla

Macaiyla was born on the 21st day of August in 1998. The Instagram model was born in the city of New York, USA. She grew up with her family in the town of Colonie in Albany, New York. The identity of Macaiyla’s parents has not been revealed. It has also not been revealed if she has any siblings or if she is the only child of her parents.

The details of the places where she had her high school or college education are not readily available at the moment. However, it is known that she did have some formal education while growing up.

Other Facts About Tyler1’s Girlfriend


Even though the names of Macaiyla’s father and mother have not been shared, some reports have revealed that her father actually has Panamanian roots. It has also been revealed that her grandmother is Irish. Apparently, this means that Macaiyla has both Panamanian and Irish roots.

Her relationship with Tyler1

The story of Macaiyla cannot be told completely without the mention of Tyler1. It was when she met Tyler1 that she found fame and built on it to make her own name on social media. Tyler1 is a successful and famous online gamer who is one of the most popular League of Legends online personalities and has millions following him on social media.

Macaiyla and Tyler1 first met each other when she stream sniped him online while she was with some of her male friends. They took an interest in each other immediately and decided to meet physically. They finally met at the TwitchCon2016 and started dating. Their romantic affair became so passionate that she had to move to Missouri just to be with him.

The couple is known to fight a lot. According to reports, they argue often but settle their differences soon after. They now live together with three cats in Missouri.

Macaiyla and her boyfriend, Tyler1

Social media presence

After her relationship with Tyler1 shot her into some level of fame on social media, Macaiyla started making a buzz of her own online. She started posting sexy photos on Instagram which caught the attention of many people. Her cute body features which she loves to flaunt brought people to her page.

She is also on Twitter where she is known to be very vocal. In fact, she has been notorious for being rude to people who comment on her Twitter account. She never lets a seemingly hateful comment pass by without giving a reply of her own. Her account has once been banned because of this.

This notwithstanding, she is loved by many people on social media who feel she is one of the sexiest Instagram stars around.

Macaiyla is a fitness freak

Fans of Macaiyla’s Instagram page know that she is a fitness freak. The young lady often posts photos of herself inside the gym. In fact, reports say she goes to the gym twice on some days. During some of her workout routines, she takes photos and makes videos and then posts them on her Instagram page.

Apparently, the work she puts in at the gym is paying off because she looks very fit and now has a very cute and well-built body shape. Her determination to workout at the gym has inspired many other Instagram users who now spend more time at the gym because of her.

She dropped out of school

According to sources, Macaiyla started attending college when she finished high school but never finished. This was because, she was taking an online course at the time and according to her, they were getting very hectic for her. After just about 6 months of studying Criminal Justice at the college, whose name is still a mystery, she dropped out.

However, it has been revealed that her mother is urging her to go back to school and finish her studies. Some indications have shown that Macaiyla may actually soon start studying again.

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Her dream job

Macaiyla has revealed that her dream job is to become a singer and act in movies. She claimed that she would be the happiest woman if she happens to become successful at singing and acting in films.

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