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There has always been a buzz about Mac Miller’s net worth but until his death on September 7, 2018, the rapper’s career was also pervaded with references to his run-in with drug abuse. A bright light in his family and to his friends, and fans, Mac, whose original name is Malcolm James McCormick, tragically kicked the bucket a the age of 26, from an apparent drug overdose.

While his family and the music world at large are yet to come to terms with the unexpected loss, there’s no doubt that the rapper left an indelible mark on many people. Mac Miller’s net worth shows that he also won hearts following the innovative ways in which he built his fanbase and fortune. Though he started on an independent label, the recording artist unarguably had a successful music career. Moreover, Mac’s recent Grammy nomination proves that he is still loved, even in death.

What Was Mac Miller’s Net Worth?

Mac Miller was hailed for his business acumen during his career and it did not come as a surprise that he left behind a sizeable fortune in the wake of his death. The rapper definitely made a mark on the music scene and amassed his wealth from record sales and tours.

His history-making debut album Blue Slide Park which was released in 2011 under Rostrum Records was the first independently distributed album to top the Billboard 200 chart. In addition to being a chart-topper, about 75% of its proceeds were shared between Miller and Rostrum, given that the successful album didn’t have the backing of any major record label at the time.

Miller’s subsequent albums – Watching Movies with the Sound Off (2013), GO:OD AM (2015), and The Divine Feminine (2016) were even more successful, clinching top spots on the Billboard charts. In 2014, the late rapper left Rostrum for Warner Bros. Records which offered him a mouth-watery deal. Miller dropped his last album Swimming in August 2018 and like its predecessors, the project also earned a top spot on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Mac Miller’s net worth after his death is pegged at over $9 million. The figure of the late rapper’s estate as determined from his probate case apparently shows he was worth much more before his tragic demise. Miller’s valuable assets include personal property, savings, royalties, money market accounts, stock, cash on hand, master recordings, as well as the right of publicity. While the estimate did not include any possible real estate property, expensive collectible, and artwork, it factored in other personal possessions such as expensive electronics, furniture, clothing, jewellery, a custom guitar, and a BMW 5-series.

Malcolm McCormick also struck a chord in the hearts of many through his philanthropic efforts. In his lifetime, Mac was known to have given back to the community by making huge donations to various charities and foundations. He was also credited as an executive producer of Hi, How Are You: A Short Film, following his $50K donation to the movie’s production.

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Does Mac Miller Still Make Money After His Death?

Malcolm McCormick is survived by his parents and brother. Back in 2013, he created a trust, thereby, setting up an attorney to handle the estate. According to estate documents, Mac Miller’s net worth is expected to be shared between his family and close friends. For now, it is unclear exactly how much goes to each of the beneficiaries and how much the rapper receives in royalties. However, there’s no doubt that Mac’s family will receive the majority of the assets left, including his $5 million cash in the bank, while the rapper’s close friends will be given some of his personal possessions.

Mac Miller and Thundercat
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Though it is uncertain if the late rapper’s right of publicity and legacy will increase over the years, it’s apparent that Miller left an indelible mark on the music scene and was adored by many. In his lifetime, Mac had a large fanbase that included friends and colleagues. After he tragically passed away, many stars such as Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott and lots more held a tribute concert for the artist. In addition to the concert and huge murals of Mac which blanketed the music world after his demise, Miller’s legacy has also earned him a posthumous Grammy nomination.

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