Who Was Mac Miller’s Last Girlfriend Before His Death & What is His Height?

A platinum-selling musician, Mac Miller captured lots of hearts around the world with his emotional lyrics. Sadly, the rapper died in 2018 following an accidental overdose. Since there’s no prescribed period of mourning nor standard heal date, the people whose lives he touched still feel the pain of his loss like it’s fresh. There continues to be plenty of talk surrounding Mac Miller’s last girlfriend and his love life in general. Here are some very personal facts about the late Pennsylvanian star.

A Look At Mac Miller’s Last Girlfriend Before His Death

While the hitmaker was publicly known to have been in one high-profile relationship, most of his other romantic affairs were low-key. Mac Miller’s last girlfriend shortly before his sudden death was Julia Kelly. Though the Instagram model has over 2 million followers, her alleged romance with the rapper wasn’t known until after his death. In a heartbreaking tribute, Kelly described Miller as the most gentle soul and the most amazing human she’s ever met. She also credited Miller for helping her break out of her shell and shyness and pledged to love him forever.

To further confirm that she shared intimate memories with the rapper, Julia Kelly dropped her tribute on social media alongside a string of photos. While one of the pictures saw the lovers holding hands, another showcased a series of texts presumed to be between the pair. It is unclear how the lovebirds first met or when they began dating. However, many believe Miller and Kelly officially became an item in May 2018 after the rapper split from Ariana Grande.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande
Mac and Ariana: Image Source

Mac Miller’s most famous relationship was with Ariana Grande. The pair reportedly sparked chemistry while collaborating on Grande’s 2013 song, The Way, and things just organically happened. The Self Care crooner and Ariana who went public with their romance in August 2016, seemed perfect for each other while their two-year romance lasted. In fact, the couple shared the stage together at a memorial concert following the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing and even released a collaborative song before calling time on their romance in early 2018.

Miller and Grande’s decision to go their separate ways was attributed to their hectic work schedules. Shortly after, Ariana was criticized on social media for dumping Mac but the singer later clarified the allegations by stating that their relationship had been ‘toxic’. Despite their breakup, the pair always shared a deep connection and wanted nothing but the best for each other. Miller’s death ‘devastated’ his most recent ex, Ariana Grande who also shared a personal tribute to the late rapper on Instagram. Moreover, Ariana’s engagement with comedian Pete Davidson ended shortly after Mac’s death.

Prior to Ariana, Mac Miller’s girlfriend was Nomi Leasure. The longtime lovers were reportedly high school sweethearts. In other words, Leasure was the woman beside Miller during his journey to fame. The pair grew from prom dates to cohabiting lovers in Los Angeles as Miller’s career blossomed. Mac and Nomi also shared two cats together during their relationship.

Though their romance was relatively low key, Miller reportedly confirmed they were an item in some of his musical works. For instance, Leasure is purported to be the inspiration behind the late rapper’s fourth studio album The Divine Feminine (2016). However, after an eight-year relationship, Miller and Leasure parted ways. Following the rapper’s death, Nomi’s Instagram tribute described Miller as the man who changed her life forever.

Another woman who is believed to have had an intimate relationship with the late rapper is Tana Mongeau. It is not exactly clear how and when she became Mac Miller’s girlfriend. But after his death, the YouTuber claimed they had a secret romance and shared her tribute on Instagram. While reaffirming her love for Malcolm, she shared some intimate conversations between them and also described him as a man who had a love for life.

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What is His Height?

The Pennsylvanian rapper who emerged as one of the hottest MCs in the early ’10s may safely be described as a rhyming giant. Though Mac could hold his head high in the game, he did not have an imposing figure. Mac Miller had a lean frame and was of average height. The Self Care rapper who was 5 feet 7 inches tall was plagued with substance abuse since his teenage days.

Despite sporadic periods of sobriety, Miller continued to battle with the same demons in his lifetime. The rapper once revealed that he lost 40 pounds when he quit drinking lean (the cough-syrup-and-soda concoction) in order to have the ideal figure for starring in the MTV2 show Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family.

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