Lynette Nusbacher – Wife, Brother & Life Before Transition

While she possesses an impressive knowledge of war history, Lynette Nusbacher faces her own battles as a transgender in a world filled with discrimination against them. She first achieved public recognition as Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher while appearing on the National Geographic and History Channel in various documentaries, showcasing her knowledge and expertise on battle and war history.

She followed the bold path of gender reassignment in 2007 when she underwent surgery, subsequently becoming Lynette Nusbacher. Her transformation in 2007, which was well before the enlightenment phase that is culturally known as ‘being woke’, has been an inspiration to other people who share a similar identity crisis.

She may have changed her gender but Lynette Nusbacher has remained the exceptional custodian of war knowledge who mesmerized viewers on the History Channel. Learn all about her career here.

Who Is Lynette Nusbacher?

The History Channel historian was born on the 17th of December, 1966, in New York as Aryeh Schoen Nusbacher. Her fascination with history is believed to have started at a young age, although extensive details of her childhood are at the moment, unknown.

To further expand her interest in history, she headed to the University of Toronto where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Economics.

Following her graduation in 1988, Lynette Nusbacher took her quest for knowledge further by attending the Royal Military College for a Master’s degree in War Studies, graduating in 1994. While most people would be done after earning a Masters, Lynette’s unquenching thirst for knowledge led to a Doctorate in Philosophy program at the University of Oxford where she studied British Modern History.

While she worked on her Ph.D., Lynette Nusbacher took short courses in Organizational Leadership at Cranfield University School of Management.

As she journeyed through to the apex of academic qualifications, she maintained a professional life concurrently, starting from the University of Toronto where she worked in the role of an administrator between 1988 and 1994.

After leaving the University of Toronto, Lynette Nusbacher’s next employment was for the Canadian Armed Forces where she worked as a logistics officer between 1994 and 2000.

Her other roles professionally include Head of Strategy Horizons in London, UK, a lecturer at the University of Reading, and Senior Lecturer of War Strategies at The Royal Military Academy.

Her TV appearances which made her famous began in 2003 when she appeared in a National Geographic documentary about the movie, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Since then, she has made other appearances including regular roles on shows like Conspiracy, Weaponology, Time Commands and Mysteries of the Abandoned.

Who Is Lynette Nusbacher’s Wife?

Admittedly, the process of transitioning from man to woman, especially its effects on personal relationships can be quite daunting. Nevertheless, Lynette Nusbacher’s wife, Melanie Bright, whom she has been married to since June 1998, before she went through her surgery, has remained a supportive and loving wife all through the process.

Amid marital issues, they have remained together, raising their two children. Despite the amount of media attention brought about by Lynette’s decision, the couple has managed to keep details about their children away from the media. They currently live together in Surrey, England.


Lynette Nusbacher used to be a brother to Jonas Maines, then she became a sister, but the love for her brother has remained the same. She was born as one half of a twin to parents Waynes and Kelly Maines.

If Lynette has another sibling or a family member, so far, it hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

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Life Before Transition

Other than the personal and internal struggles with her identity, life on the outside went on as amazingly as she might have hoped for. She recorded accomplishments such as publishing three books, 1314: Bannockburn, The Battle of Bannockburn and War and Conflict. She is also believed to have taught two of the Royal family’s princes, Prince Harry, and William at Sandhurst. She also became a resident historian for the History Channel and National Geographic.

Since she completed her transition, she has also gone on to record other accomplishments such as establishing her own blog, Nusbacher Associates, and appearing on the Pink Lists (a list of influential members of the LGBTQ community).

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