20 Coolest Lullaby Songs For Babies

The gentle, soothing environment offered by lullaby songs has proved to be very important in making your baby go to sleep. The art of singing to babies before going to bed has been with humankind since time immemorial. The lullaby songs provide comfortable sounds to the ears of the child resulting in an almost instant sleep. There are a number of cool lullaby songs that have been released by well-known songsters in the past few years. Below is a list of 20 coolest lullaby songs for babies

1. Goodnight my angel by Billy Joel:

Goodnight my angel is one of the beautiful lullaby songs that is written and designed to make your baby fall asleep.

2. Brahms’s Lullaby by Johannes Brahms:

Johannes Brahms continues to thrill the world with this classical lullaby hit song. It is one of the coolest lullaby songs available in the market today.

3. Lullaby Song by the Dixie Chicks:

This highly rated lullaby song is from the album, Taking the Long Way. It is one of the best songs meant to make your baby feel at home.

4. Dreamland by Art Garfunkel:

Art Garfunkel soft voice in this song is what makes it one of the greatest lullaby hits.

5. Lullaby song by Newton Faulkner:

This song is from the infamous album, The Hand Built by robots by Newton Faulkner. His soft and alluring voice makes this song so special.

6. Lullaby song, by Matt Costa:

This lullaby song is from the album The Elasmosaurus EP. Matt’s unique voice works very well in this song.

7. Stay Awake by Julie Andrews:

The original classical version by Julie Andrews stands out to be a perfect lullaby song for your kids as the soothing Julie Andrew’s tone of voice results into an almost instant sleep for your kid.

 8. Lullaby song by Leonard Cohen:

This great song from the album, Old Ideas is still proving to be a perfect lullaby song in the past few years.

9. Twinkle twinkle little star:

You cannot afford to list the coolest all-time lullaby songs without naming this great song. It is a perfect song for your kids.

10. The Long Day is over by Nora Jones:

Nora Jones is amazingly cool and soulful in this wonderful lullaby song.

11. Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens:

Probably one of the all-time cool songs, the Moon Shadow is a great lullaby song for your kids

12. Lullaby of London by The Pogues:

This brilliant song is from the album if I should fall from grace with God. It is one of the coolest lullaby songs that are available in the market.

13. Lullaby song by Ben Folds

Ben Folds provides a relaxing sleeping environment with this great lullaby song from the album the unauthorized biography of Reinhold Messner

14. Baby Mine by Alison Kraus and Bette Milder:

It is important to note the two different sound pitch and tones in this lovely lullaby song by the two most sought after vocalists in the lullaby genre. Baby Mine is a wonderful song that is also enjoyable to listen to by adults.

15. Lullaby song by Hayden:

This lullaby song is from the well-known album called the Skyscraper National Park. Hayden soothes the little kids into sleep with this magnificent song.

16. Lullaby song by Pedro the Lion:

This is a great song by Pedro the Lion from the EP Whole album. It is a great recommendation for kids who have lots of difficulties in sleeping.

17. Berceuse cradle song by Frederic Chopin:

Frederic Chopin just kills it with his magnificent voice in this wonderful song.

18. Lullaby song, by Lit:

This song from the album Lit is well orchestrated to give your kid an ample sleeping environment which is necessary for healthy body growth and development.

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19. Wiccan Lullaby by Bette Milder:

This peaceful song by Bette Milder provides the best sleeping conditions for your kids as the night falls.

20. Lullaby song, by Kevin Ayers:

Kevin Ayers comforting voice in this lullaby song from the album ‘whatsoever she brings we sing’ is superb. It is a perfect song for kids who have difficulties in sleeping.

It is important to note that there are a number of great lullaby songs that have been released in recent times and are doing well in the market. This list contains the best lullaby songs for babies.

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