Lui Calibre facts, dead or alive
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Over the years, Youtube gaming has become an essential part of the website’s culture that has become useful to both the creators and its viewers. While millions of viewers enjoy hours of their time with the visual content, content creators like Lui Calibre enjoy the financial rewards that come through sponsorships and advertising.

With over 5 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, Lui is among the many gamers who took the advantage of broadcasting development as well as screen capturing software to share their gaming videos on YouTuber. What’s more interesting about Lui Calibre is how well he is able to get his viewers thrilled with his high sense of humor. This, in fact, is what makes anyone who visits his channel to hardly leave.

Although he is yet to reach the level of the likes of Mark Fischbach and Evan Fong, he is surely on his way to becoming the best YouTube gamer we ever have. Get to know more about Lui Calibre here.

Lui Calibre – Biography and Age

Lui Calibre may be a fun loving person but he is definitely not the type who is willing to let the world know about his personal life. As a result, only a few details about his early life, education, and family are known. Calibre is a California native, he was born on July 4, 1984. His personality came to the public when he officially launched his YouTube channel in 2009 but he only became popular after uploading his first game video in May 2010.

Calibre’s first video content was the Red Dead Redemption ( RDR) and Halo game footage after which he began to upload other game titles that are very popular. These gameplays include Mortal Combat and Grand Theft Auto (GTA V). For his GTA character, Lui Calibre made use of a skillfully carved out monkey mask beautified with a parachute bag made from Canada.

Knowing fully well that video gaming is quite a competitive career as there are hundreds of others who are into the business, Calibre decided to make his channel unique by adding some solo contents like Squeaker Squad IRL where he keeps his viewers entertained with his squeaker voice. His pranks and vlogs also proved to be so unique in such a manner that it made hits on the video sharing platform. Additionally, Calibre had also shared two gaming session- WWE, Borderlands 2 and COD which he used his excellent gaming skills and his sense of humor to keep his viewers entertained. Currently, his ultimate ‘GTA’, especially the GTA 5 remains his most popular uploads with millions of views on each.  His viewers chat received a major boost after his partnership with Machinima and after gaining sponsorship for El Gato Gaming.

Lui Calibre Net Worth

Looking at the number of viewers on all his video games, there isn’t any doubt that Lui Calibre has garnered so much for himself as net worth. His high-pitched squeaker-voiced gaming commentaries serve as the trademark that helps him attract enough traffic that boosts his self-titled channel. Basically, it was GTA and Gmod that earned him much of the fame he is currently enjoying. According to some reliable net worth calculating sources, Lui Calibre has an estimated net worth of $1.8 million thanks to his over 5 million subscribers and over 500 million views on his YouTube channel.

At a time he lost over 2 percent of his total followers both on YouTube and Twitter after his recent tweet where he boasted about how his content fetch him the fame and wealth he is enjoying and description of his fanbase as insignificant to his success.

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What Happened To The YouTuber?

Lui was recently in a death hoax which left his followers in total shock. The rumor about his death follows his sudden disappearance from YouTube for a period of five months. The news continued to spread until he suddenly returned again in 2017. The famous YouTube Star Lui Calibre is still alive till today. While he was inactive on his YouTube channel, he still played with his fellow YouTube friends like Daithi De Nogla, H2ODelirious, VanossGaming, I AM WILDCAT and Terroriser. He is even rumored to be dating a fellow YouTube star and gamer, Jonna Mae.

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