Who Is Lucinda Dickey and Where Is The American Dancer Now?

Dance can be many things, it can be a form of exercise, a form of art, a cultural expression, a way to relax after a long week of work, and if you are good enough at it, it can be a way to become famous, and reap the rewards of life as a celebrity. The latter is the story of Lucinda Dickey, an American dancer who made her name as a dancer starring in popular movies like Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Lucinda Dickey’s appearance in the movies was the culmination of a dance career that had begun after she completed college and moved to Los Angeles for a career as a professional dancer. For fans of the cult movie, her name roars with nostalgia and in this article, we cover everything you need to know about her, including where she is now.

Who Is Lucinda Dickey?

On the 14th of August, 1960 in Hutchinson, Kansas, Lucinda Dickey was born to her only known parent, Judy Mason, who is known as a dance teacher and owner of Judy’s School of Dance. Growing up as the daughter of a dancer, Lucinda Dickey picked up the interest as early as the age of four when she began to dance and continued developing her skills as she grew in years.

While she learned dancing, she pursued an academic education, all the way from middle school to high school where she eventually graduated and headed to Kansas State University, where she studied Dance. At Kansas State University, not only did Lucinda Dickey earn a bachelor’s degree in Dance but she also competed in the Miss Kansas pageant, where she won the talent division and finished as the third runner-up in the overall competition.

With college over, Lucinda Dickey headed over the home of performance art in America, Los Angeles where she sought to have a dance career, and she began by winning a dance scholarship from the Roland DuPree Dance Academy. With the academy, Lucinda improved on her skills and after 10 months with the academy, auditioned and got her first role in a movie, Grease 2.

In the movie, she played one of the film’s lead dancers, with the character credit – Girl Greaser. In the same year (1982), she also appeared in a few episodes of Solid Gold as a dancer.

Two years after, in 1984, Lucinda Dickey played Kelly in the cult movie, Breakin’ and in the same year, reprised her role in the sequel, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. She also appeared in the movie, Ninja III: The Domination as Christie in the same year. Four years after, Lucinda returned to the front of the camera again with an appearance in Cheerleader Camp as Cory Foster.

Finally, in 1990, Lucinda Dickey appeared in an uncredited role as an unnamed employer in the TV movie, Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter, which became her last appearance in a movie or TV show, both as an actress and as a dancer.

Lucinda Dickey
Lucinda Dickey on the set of Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

Other non-acting appearances include appearing as a judge in six episodes of Master of Dance in 2008 and the documentary, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films.

Lucinda Dickey’s Personal Life

Lucinda Dickey’s entire career as both an actress and a dancer lasted just eight years and after she retired into the arms of her husband, Craig Pilligian, whom she had been dating for a couple of years before she left the industry. She got married to Craig in 1990 and the couple has remained together ever since, with two children to call their own.

When it comes to her husband, not much is known about him other than the fact he is an Armenian American who is the President and CEO of Pilgrim Films & Television. His production company is known for works such as American Chopper, Dirty Jobs and The Ultimate Survivor. Craig Pilligian is also an Emmy winner who was once named as the 18th most powerful man in Hollywood by The Hollywood Reporter.

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Where Is The American Dancer Now?

If you are wondering where Lucinda Dickey is now, wonder no more because she left the world of Hollywood behind and has continued to live a quiet life with her husband, Craig Piligian, who is still an active member of Hollywood, working as an executive producer of the popular TV game show, Survivor. She currently lives in California as a housewife.

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