Lori Stokes Biography – 5 Facts To Know About The Journalist

Lori Stokes is a respected American journalist who is held in high esteem because of her eloquence and reassuring assertiveness when carrying out her job. She is admired for the way she effortlessly exudes brilliance behind the cameras and has often held TV viewers spellbound with her charming command of the English lexicon. A beautiful woman, Lori is adored by her many fans for always having what they have described as ‘the cutest smile’.

Having worked with many media outfits over the years during her illustrious career, Lori now works as the co-host of Good Day New York, a morning show on WNYW Fox 5 (channel 5), a Fox owned-and-operated television station in New York City.

Lori Stokes’ Early Life

Lori Stokes was born on the 16th of September, 1962 in Cleveland, a city in the US State of Ohio. It was in Ohio that Lori grew up with her family. The journalist is said to have an awesome relationship with her family.

Lori Stokes’ father has been identified as Louis Stokes and her mother’s name has been revealed to be Jay Stokes. Lori’s father, Louis, was a very prominent American attorney and politician. In fact, he was a U.S. Congressman who represented Cleveland for as many as 30 years. He passed away peacefully at the age of 90 in 2015.

Lori is not the only child of her parents. She has three siblings; two sisters called Angela R. Stokes and Shelley Stokes-Hammond and one brother called Chuck Stokes. Angela R. Stokes is now a Municipal Court judge in Cleveland while Chuck Stokes has become a journalist working with WXYZ-TV in Detroit.

Lori studied at Howard University where she majored in broadcast journalism. Upon her graduation, she has gone on to have an awesome career in journalism.

1. She Didn’t Want To Be A Journalist At First

While growing up, Lori Stokes initially did not want to be a journalist; what she wanted to do was become a novelist. With this dream in mind, she studied briefly at Ohio State University with the aim of actualizing her writing ambition. However, she changed her mind soon after and decided to go into journalism. Following this decision, she moved to Howard University where she eventually majored in broadcast journalism. Today, she has become a renowned media personality.

2. How Her Career Has Panned Out

Lori Stokes began her career as a journalist in 1986 when she landed a job at WCIA, a CBS-affiliated television station in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. She started out as a medical reporter before becoming a weekend co-anchor at the station. After a while, she quit WCIA in 1988 and joined WBTV, a CBS-affiliated television station in Charlotte, North Carolina. While at WBTV, Lori became very popular with viewers and her fame spared through the city. After some time with WBTV, Lori quit and then joined WBFF-TV, a Fox-affiliated television station in Baltimore as a crime and street reporter.

In 1992, Lori joined WJLA-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station in Washington, DC where she became the lead female anchor of the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Her expertise won over many people to her. She remained at the station from 1992 till 1996.

In 1996, when MSNBC was launched, Lori Stokes joined the television channel and became the first African American to speak on the cable news network. While on the job, she worked as a rotating newsreader for “NBC Sunrise” and Weekend Today.

In April 2000, Lori joined WABC-TV where she co-anchored the station’s morning newscast called Eyewitness News This Morning. She was employed to help increase the ratings on the morning newscast. During this time, her impact was felt and her name became synonymous with Eyewitness News This Morning. She remained with the station until August 2017 when she left after a 17-year long association with the channel.

After leaving WABC-TV, Lori joined WNYW Fox 5 (channel 5), a Fox owned-and-operated television station in New York City where she now works as co-host with Rosanna Scotto.

Lori Stokes
Lori Stokes (left) with a colleague on WNYW Fox 5

3. What Is Lori Stokes’ Net Worth?

There is no doubt at all that Lori Stokes has made quite a considerable amount of wealth over the years. Having been in the journalistic field for decades and having grown into a respected reporter and anchor, Lori is expected to have raked in loads of money for herself during her career.

At the moment, Lori Stokes is reported to be worth about $10 million. Apparently, this figure is bound to rise with time as she continues to work and invest in other businesses.

4. Is She Married?

Lori Stokes used to be married to a man identified as Brian Thompson. Brian is also a journalist who has worked with several media outfits over the years. Sources reveal that the couple first met at the job interview for CBC affiliate, WBTV some two years before they finally got married.

Their marriage produced two daughters identified as Nicolette Thompson and Alexandra Thompson. The girls are now grown up and they look really beautiful.

Years after their marriage, Lori and Brian got divorced; the reason for their divorce is still unknown. However, even though they are no more together, they have remained very friendly for the sake of their kids.

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5. Her Body Measurements

Lori Stokes is a beautiful woman and sure knows how to carry herself. Fans love her cute smile and her calm composure. Lori stands at 5 feet 7 inches in height and weighs about 132 lbs. Her body measurements have been given as 34 inches (bust), 25 inches (waist) and 37 inches (hips).

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