Lori Bakker – Biography, Family Life & Facts About Jim Bakker’s Wife

Lori Bakker is a multi-dimensional American televangelist, motivational speaker, and author, popularly known as the better half of Jim Bakker, a former Assemblies of God minister and the founder of Morningside Church. Despite having a terrific childhood and later, an abusive marriage, Bakker has since devoted a greater part of her life to serving God.

A published author, Jim Bakker’s wife released a book entitled More Than I Could Ever Ask in the year 2000. The book chronicled the details of her adventurous life. After she gave her life to Christ, Lori restored positivity in her life and has been working extensively for the spiritual upliftment of distressed people. In view of this, she founded an organization known as Lori’s House which provides assistance to pregnant women and those who have undergone the pain of abortion.

In addition to this, she appears on several TV shows including her husband’s TV show, The Jim Bakker Show. Join us as we take you through all the interesting facts you need to know about Lori Bakker, including her life story and family life.

Lori Bakker Biography

She was born as Lori Beth Graham on the 30th day of August 1957 and her birth took place in Phoenix, Arizona. Born into an American family, Lori belongs to the white ethnicity. She grew up in a core religious setting where she spent most of her early years going to church regularly.

Regarding her educational background, Lori has not shared many details with respect to that. Hence, the names of institutions she attended and the certificates she acquired are currently not known. What is known, however, is that her life took a drastic turn when she became a teenager. At the time, she started doing drugs, partying, and indulging in sexual activities.

When she turned 17, Lori entered her first relationship which culminated into her first marriage. However, the union turned out to be a horrible experience as she was constantly abused by her then-husband whose identity is unknown. During the course of their marriage, she was reportedly forced by her husband to terminate five pregnancies. By the age of 22, after her fifth abortion, she had complications which led to a total hysterectomy.

While things unfolded, she went back to taking drugs again in a bid to overcome her depression. When she couldn’t deal with it anymore, Lori Bakker went on and ended her 10-year-old marriage union. Afterward, she joined the Phoenix First Assembly of God where she experienced spiritual growth and transformation.

Turning a new leaf, not only did she give her life to Christ but she also started working in the House of the Lord. As the story goes, she later enrolled into the Master’s Commission discipleship class where she was awarded ministerial credentials in 1991. From that point, she worked as a minister for over a decade, embarked on several ministry outreaches, and evangelism. She also visited Mexico and El Salvador as a Master’s Commission volunteer.

Subsequently, she founded a non-profit organization called Mourning to Joy Ministry in 1994. The group is saddled with the responsibility of providing assistance and motivation to women dealing with post-abortion pain, trauma, and other critical issues. Her works through this group have been greatly applauded and have been featured in several journals including Charisma and many others.

More recently, she founded another organization called Lori’s House which offers support to pregnant women in difficult situations. Having understood the trauma that comes with abortion, Lori has been helping women in such situations get over their trauma. In addition, she currently serves as the president of this organization.

Lori Bakker’s Family Life

Lori Bakker was born into an average American family and she had rough childhood experiences. Her parents, whose identities are not known were said to have divorced when she was very young and this affected her a lot. Also, it is not known if she is an only child or if she has other siblings.

Lori Bakker
Lori with her husband Jim

Lori Bakker is undoubtedly a good example of a strong and resilient woman. Despite her ugly experiences from her first marriage, Lori still found love again when she met Jim Bakker in 1998. The couple first saw each other at The Dream Center where Jim was a member of the center’s inner-city outreach.

After a while, the couple kicked off their relationship which finally ended in marriage – 50 days later. These two had their wedding at Burbank, California with about 250 guests in attendance. After their wedding, the couple who both had a rough patch in their first marital attempt went on and adopted five lovely children named Michelle, Nina, Nicks, Morgan, and Kelli.

Prior to their marriage, Jim Bakker was previously married to his high school sweetheart, Tammy Messner with whom he had two children – Sissy Bakker and Jay Bakker. By the virtue of his marriage to Lori, she became a stepmother to Sissy and Jay. The couple now lives in Southern part of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Other Interesting Facts About Jim Bakker’s Wife

1. Lori Bakker and her husband, Jim started a TV show called Jim Bakker Show, an hour-long daily program that involves bible and prophetic revelations.

2. Alongside her husband, Lori also founded their own ministry called Morningside Church in Missouri, United States. The church was founded in January 2008.

3. With her wealth of experiences as a televangelist and philanthropist, Lori Bakker has been able to accumulate a net worth of $500,000.

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