Who Is Lorenzo Mendez, What Is His Net Worth, and Who Is His Wife?

The Original Banda El Limón remains one of the oldest Mexican music groups that has dominated the regional Mexican market for over five decades. Thanks to the band’s vocalists like Lorenzo Mendez who joined the group fairly recently, the group has been able to maintain its place in the hearts of its fans since 1965. The Award-winning vocalist who is barely a decade old in the music industry has so far contributed immensely to the success of the group’s multiple albums.

Lorenzo Mendez has been on the trending list for some obvious reasons, which include his love life. More so, as his music group continues to catch the hearts of people with more than a casual interest in regional Mexican music, the public eye on his professional and personal life remains on the increase. Read on to find out more about the professional singer.

Details of Lorenzo Mendez’s Thriving Career

Lorenzo Mendez was born on the 15th of December, 1986, in California, but he grew up with his parents in Texas. Lorenzo is quite a private person, and that is why there is a dearth of information regarding his early years and his educational qualifications.

While it is not also known what sparked off his interest in music, the California-born singer began his career in 2012 as a member of the La Original Banda el Limón. The musical group, which has its name inspired by a small Mexican town called El Limón, was founded in 1965. It specializes in brassy banda traditional and popular musical genres. For over fifty years, the group has remained popular for playing corridos, rancheras, cumbias, boleros, and ballads.

Before Lorenzo Mendez joined the musical group, it originally had Julio Preciado, Jorge Cordero, and José Ángel “El Coyote” Ledesma, among its members. But since he joined the group, he has contributed to its production of thirteen albums including compilation albums such as Mi Colección: The Original Banda El Limón by Salvador Lizárraga, Romances: The Original Band El Limón by Salvador Lizárraga and The Original and Their Boleros de Amor.

Everything To Know About His Family Life

The Californian born singer has not revealed much about his family including who his parents are. Also, it is not certain if he is an only child or if he has other siblings. However, we know of the family he had with his ex-wife, Claudia Galván.

Claudia was his girlfriend since his teenage years, and the duo later exchanged wedding vows in 2012. The details of their wedding and marital life were never made public, but we know that their union endured for three years before their relationship turned sour. This happened after Claudia accused Lorenzo Mendez of domestic violence. As a result, the singer was arrested but was later released with a fine of $2,500. Afterward, the two went their separate ways. Their union produced two daughters – Kaitlyn and Victoria, though it appears that the duo is keeping their children away from prying eyes, which explains why there is very little information about them.

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After ending his marriage with Claudia, the La Original Banda el Limón vocalist found a new love in Chiquis Rivera. Mendez’s new love needs no introduction as she is also popular in the music industry. Apart from being the daughter of the late musician Jenni Rivera, Јаnnеу Маrіn Rіvеrа – better known as Chiquis Rivera – has blood ties with another celebrated vocalist, Luріllо Rіvеrа. The first of her parent’s five children, Chiquis was born in California and works as an actor, tеlеvіѕіоn рrеѕеntеr, buѕіnеѕѕ реrѕоn,sіngеr- ѕоngwrіtеr, and a TV personality.

As a musician, her style of music is classified as Banda. Apart from her own television shows Chiquis ‘n Control, and Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C, she is also known for the show I Love Jenni – her mother’s reality show.

Although the two initially debunked the news about their love life together, their relationship eventually became public after Lorenzo shared a picture of himself kissing Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter, Chiquis, in 2017.

The Turpsy Turvey of Lorenzo and Chiquis’ Relationship

Lorenzo Mendez
Lorenzo Mendez with his girlfriend, Chiquis Rivera- Image Source

After revealing their relationship to the world, Lorenzo and Chiquis broke up for a while and later reconciled. They even appeared together at the Ventura County Fair in California. On April 23, 2018, Lorenzo Mendez proposed to Rivera in Temecula, California, and she accepted. The news of their engagement went viral on various social media platforms. In December 2018, there were rumors that the two had gone ahead to solemnize their union secretly. However, the video of their engagement was shared on the official Instagram page of the Riveras instead.

It was followed by Chiquis’ comment about making plans for her dream wedding to Mendez. She even went on to say that she would love to wear a typical Mexican dress while her spouse Lorenzo would wear a mariachi suit. She also revealed that she has agreed with the singer to wait for about two years before welcoming their first child, as they were not in a hurry to increase their family. While it is not entirely certain if the two are finally married, we know for sure that the two still live together happily.

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What Is His Net Worth and Salary?

With a good number of years of experience in the music world, the La Original Banda El Limon vocalist must have garnered quite a huge sum of money for himself. His long term career reportedly earns him a colossal sum of money annually, which could as well generate a smashing amount of fortune and wealth.

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That said, Lorenzo Mendez’s net worth is estimated to fall between $1 Million – $5 Million, but there are sources that categorically stated that his wealth as of 2019 was $4 million. Between 2019 and the present time, that figure is expected to have shown some positive increase. As for the singer’s annual salary, it is believed to be under review, but the primary source of his wealth is known to be from his career as a singer.

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