Lorenza Newton – Bio, Age & Facts About Guillermo Del Toro’s Ex-Wife

Through movies like Hellboy, Hellboy II: The Golden Army and The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro has established himself as one of the most popular filmmakers in Hollywood. He has built a career that the attachment of his name to a project gives it credibility, and brings bodies to cinema seats. Along with that status is increased attention to his personal life, which includes a focus on his now-ex-wife, Lorenza Newton.

Unlike a lot of wives and ex-wives of notable Hollywood personalities, Lorenza Newton wasn’t the type to court attention and she refrained from the public as much as she could. Well, following their sad and unpublicized divorce in 2017 after 31 years of marriage, we’ve compiled everything we know about Lorenza Newton. Read on to learn more.

Lorenza Newton’s Age & Biography

Lorenzo Newton came into the world a couple of decades ago in Mexico, where she was also raised by her Mexican family. When it comes to her background, not much is known about Lorenza. However, for her education, we know that she attended Guadalajara School of Sciences, where she learned to become a veterinarian, a profession she has been a member of for decades.

While Lorenza Newton is mostly known to be a veterinarian, she has also had a brief stint as a filmmaker. She recorded her first credit in the Spanish production, Dona Lupe, a short movie, where she worked as a script supervisor and the art director.

Her second credit came in 1987, as an assistant director for another short film, Geometria. Lorenza Newton, who has worked in the filmmaking process as a supporter for her husband, has also recorded credits in other projects like Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Crimson Peak, and Pacific Rim. She received special recognition for her contribution to the success of the individual projects, all of which were directed by her husband.

Her husband, Guillermo del Toro, works in one of the media-intensive industries in the world and has been credited for writing over thirty movies while directing over twenty of them. His work has ranged from high-budget studio flicks like Hellboy to independent productions like The Shape of Water, which earned him a couple of Oscar nominations, including an Oscar win for Best Director, which is one of over 90 award wins since he began his career as a filmmaker in 1985.

Aside from being a filmmaker, Lorenza Newton’s husband is also an actor and a novelist, who has written and published a number of novels like The Strain, Trollhunters and The Night Eternal.

Relationship with Guillermo del Toro

Lorenza Newton
Lorenza Newton with now ex-husband, Guillermo del Toro and their two children

But for her marriage to Guillermo del Toro, Lorenza Newton would have lived a quiet life away from media attention, something she still managed to do when they were married. The two of them met back when they were students in Mexico, at the Guadalajara School of Sciences. Soon, they began dating and they eventually got married in 1986, with the conviction of living the happily ever after as professed in their vows.

While they were together, not only did the family grow in prestige and wealth, but it also grew in numbers, with Lorenza Newton and Guillermo del Toro giving birth to two children, Daniel and Marisa del Toro, both of whom are girls.

However, after 31 years of being husband and wife, for reasons that have so far remained unknown to the public, Lorenza Newton and Guillermo del Toro got separated in the early period of 2017, and completed their divorce in the same year, in what was described as a quiet and amicable fashion.

Since the divorce, not much has been heard from either party in terms of new relationships, and they are both believed to be single.

Other Facts About Lorenza Newton

Her ex-husband is known for his notorious art collection, which includes works in the horror genre. He has a special home for his artworks.

For Lorenza Newton, her husband is not the only member of show business in her family. She is a cousin to renowned Mexican singer, Guadalupe Pineda.

Her work as a veterinarian is believed to be inspired her ex-husband’s hit movie, The Shape of Water.

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While she was married to Guillermo del Toro, her father-in-law was kidnapped in Guadalajara. The family paid the ransom money of well over $1 million twice before he was released.

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