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The issue of the long distance relationships has become the order of the day, when so many factors such as work, business, and so on tend to pull individuals that are in a relationship far away from each other against their will. Some relationships survive this challenge, while so many others are swallowed up in victory. It’s usually not the intentions of either of the party involved to “chicken out”, but so many factors contribute to this. They say “out of sight is out of mind” or “out of sight is out of love” but I say no to this outdated perception, there are actually proven ways to maintain a long distance relationships. In this list, we are going to give out a few of them.

Best Long Distance Relationship Advice You Can Ever Get in Life

(1) Define the relationship and make things clear for both parties:

It is always advisable for both parties in their own interest to be sincere to each other and set parameters for the relationship, by setting parameters I mean  they both should  know if they are dating, engaged, seeing each other or in a boyfriend – girlfriend relationship. This might seem weird, but it has a way of saving both parties lots of headache and heartbreaks in the long run. They Should be very open to each other, open to ask questions of all sort and open to give sincere answers.

(2) Explore other means of communication:

Variety they say is the spice of life, in long distance relationships, communication should not be limited to phone calls alone, there are times when phone call calls will not be proper, maybe you are in a meeting or very busy to pick your call, in this scenario, it is always heartwarming to receive a text message from your loved one. Both text messaging and using e mails will go a long way and will also save you lot of cost. Also try using Skype video chat, this will breach the gap and bring you much more closer than the former.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

(3) Remain flexible and don’t take things personal:

The same thing brought about that distance between two of you also has the capacity to influence lots of things, so you should learn to adjust to situations and don’t take things personal. Work, families and lots of other emergencies can cause changes in plans, learn to understand when such happens and never to make “a mountain out of a mole hill”.

(4) Pursue common interests, even though you are apart:

Doing things together despite the distance makes it look as if you are still together, for instance, you can watch certain TV programmes you both enjoy at same time and call after the programme to talk about it. C’mon you need to more creative, both of you could decide to read a certain novel at the same time and discuss about it when you’re through, by doing this, you guys will discover that you both have lots of things to talk about during your next phone call. Distance does not stop you from doing certain things together. What doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger – Remember

(5)  Focus more on the positive side:

People in long distance relationships tend to always sound so pathetic, always talking about how painful it is that they can’t be together, how much they they have missed each other, and how difficult life can be without each other, the truth is that those things actually will not help the situation, instead of focusing on this negative side which will always cause you emotional stress at the end of the day, which most times can lead to some level of unfaithfulness, it is advisable to always discuss how great the relationship has been, how much you love each other and so many other positive stuff, as you make your bed, so will you lie on it, the success of that relationship lies in your hands.

How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship in 2 Ways

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(6) Develop Security:

Let every wall of insecurity be brought down; to achieve this, the two parties should make it clear whats going on in their individual lives, let your partner know your timetable for the day and the week, discuss the future of the relationship, and let both parties be aware of  the future of the relationship, by so doing, the feeling of insecurity will be minimised.

(7) Build Trust:

Trust is the key word for a successful relationship, either distant or close one, but in the case of long distance relationship, more trust needs to be built. The importance of trust in a relationship can never be emphasised, it is the cornerstone for any successful and healthy relationship. Talk about your feelings, instead of keeping quiet and battling with insecurity.

3 Best Long Distance Relationship Tips

(8) leave them with an object/item that belongs to you:

Though its inanimate, it has a way of providing comfort, happiness, and  keeps your presence right in her heart.

(9)Arrange to meet one on one-as often as possible:

Though these other ways of communication can work wonders, it is also advisable to as often as possible arrange for a meeting. The physical contact is always the force that binds both together, the touching, kissing and hugging. Once in a while arrange for a meeting so that both of you will have something to look up to.

(10)  Do your thing:

You can use that opportunity of times apart to pay more attention to you personal life, focus on your personal interests and goals in life, take advantage of the absence of distraction to pay more attention to your career, personal development and other important relationships you have in your life, and at the end, you will have more to offer in the relationship.

– To your successful long distance relationship!